November 20, 2012

Review: Happy Issue 2

Will our hero Nick Sax escape the clutches of the mob? Find out as the wacky adventures continue in issue 2!

If you've read Grant Morrison's eccentric work on Doom Patrol, then you shouldn't be too surprised about the story presented in issue 1 of this miniseries.  I've come across many of those on social media who actually found the story to be too outrageous even by Morrison's own standards. Yeah, a story featuring a tiny blue horse named Happy, that talks is a bit of stretch for today's readers given the daunting selection of other books, but there is decent plot that unfolds in issue 2, that compels readers to finish the miniseries.

As outrageous issue 1 one was to start things off, issue 2 takes a more plausible tone with Morrison's story.  Mixed with some dark humor in certain scenes, issue 2's ending finally reveals the Haley subplot that was hinted in issue 1. We find Nick trying to escape the mob hospital with his little blue horse as his guide. Furthermore, it's actually getting harder to like Sax, as Morrison's protagonist clearly begins to look out for own his self-interest here. You begin to wonder what possible epiphany the character undergoes to turn himself completely around and rescue Haley.  Knowing Morrison, it'll be quite the sight to see. The scenes featuring Sax struggling with this new dilemma of being the only one to see this creature, were quite enjoyable. This is classic Morrison here, harkening back to his Animal Man days, getting personal with his characters.

Penciller Darick Robertson does an admirable job again with the artwork.  Robertson shines in capturing Nick's breakdown, struggling to get a grip on things and eventually hatching a sinister scheme to exact revenge. Additionally, the Robertson cover is quite chilling when readers discover the complete story behind it, in this issue. Combining a steady mix of action and dialogue, the midway point of this miniseries is worth a look.

The Good: The plot thickens as one scene steals the show! The true nature of Haley's fate is quite terrifying!

The Bad: This story may still be too outrageous for readers!

Final Verdict: A

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