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Where superheroes and technology happen. A weekly blog about comics, science fiction, technology, sneaker culture, music, toys and everything else in between. Reducing the space between us.

Jose A. - Writer and Founder
Jose, our founding visionary, started Rusted Mecha partially due to his love of anime (Japanese cartoons), way back in 2001 in his personal blog Joby's Den. Since then the site has evolved to showcase other facets of his interests and hobbies mainly comic-books and technology but also console gaming, pop culture and of course, Star Wars. Rusted Mecha is the result of bringing one's passions for all to enjoy.

Michael V. - Writer and Creative Director
Michael joined Rusted Mecha after launching his own website award-winning website, Planet Pilipino, in the late 1990s. He brings web design and programming experience.  Mike has been a lifelong comics fan since picking up his early Teen Titans and X-Men back in the 1980s and is also an Apple enthusiast.  He has been lowriding on the information superhighway since 1998 and updates Rusted Mecha on a weekly basis.

Past Contributors:

Anna M. - Writer

Anna shares her love of social media and pop culture for all to enjoy. Catch her reviews right here. Our team member is also a starving college student!

Rusted Mecha. Where superheroes and technology happen.

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