June 30, 2012

Review: American Vampire Issue 28

On the run and hounded by those who seek revenge, our girl Pearl has no choice but to turn to The Vassals of The Morning Star organization for help. Pearl is in for a surprise though when the organization requests a favor in return, with a twist!

June 28, 2012

Review: Before Watchmen Nite Owl Issue 1

The early beginnings and adventures of Dan Dreiberg are captured in the first issue of his miniseries. What's his connection to the Minutemen?

Review: Daredevil Issue 14

Transported to the country of Latveria, Daredevil is about to discover what happens when you cross with those involved with the Megacrime Families. Will our hero escape his latest ordeal?

June 26, 2012

Justice League x Pixar

Alas, anything DC Comics related, especially the Justice League, will never be done by the wonderful talents over at Pixar. Artist Daniel Araya, in these amazing sketches, imagined the superhero squad with the renowned Pixar look and style.

Hawkeye Series Preview Artwork

Check out preview artwork from the upcoming Hawkeye series by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja. The artwork was unveiled by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Fraction's wife, via Twitter.

Via Kelly Sue DeConnick

June 25, 2012

Review: American Vampire - Lord of Nightmares Issue 1

It's postwar Europe and the world's most dangerous vampire is kept and locked down by the vampire-hunting agency, Vassals of the Morning Star, in London. So what brings Vassals agent Hobbes, straight to the home of exiled agent, Felicia Book?

Captain Marvel: Dexter Soy Sketch Art

When Carol Danvers makes her debut later this year as the new Captain Marvel, the artist who will be drawing her own solo adventures also makes his debut working for Marvel. Check out some of Dexter Soy's spectacular work for the new series.

June 22, 2012

Review: Wonder Woman Issue 10

 The Bride Wore Red

A woman has a right to change her mind, even right there at the altar. Are there any consequences though, when your spouse to be, is none other than the Lord of the Underworld? Will Wonder Woman escape Hades' clutches and his dark realm as well? Did you bring your wedding gifts as well?

June 21, 2012

Review: New Avengers Issue 27

It's another Avengers vs X-Men tie-in, as Hope Summers is in the ancient city of K'un Lun, where she discovers more of the connection between the Phoenix Force and The Iron Fist! What does Spiderman have planned for her as well?

BEFORE WATCHMEN: Silk Spectre and Minutemen Reviews

Despite the controversy of the release of these prequel stories, the initial two titles Minutemen and Silk Spectre, are excellent stories that expand upon the Watchmen mythos. Both miniseries are written by Darwyn Cooke and the settings of the stories are so remote from the source material so as to not tread on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' masterpiece.

Resident Evil: Retribution

Here's a look at the recently released trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution movie. The film is scheduled to be released on September 14, 2012.

June 19, 2012

Review: Amazing Spiderman Issue 685

Around the World 
Amazing Spiderman Issue 685 
Ends of The Earth Part 4

Battling the Sandman in the previous issue seemed like an easy feat for Spiderman and his new teammates Silver Sable and The Black Widow. Can they stop another member of The Sinister Six and ultimately defeat Doctor Octopus and his mad scheme?

After taking down The Sandman in their quest to destroy Doctor Octopus' installations worldwide, the team of Spiderman, Black Widow and Silver Sable battle The Rhino in North Korea at one of Doc Ock's missle sites. Spiderman scolds Silver Sable for not ensuring the safety of innocent lives during the conflict. The battle is furious indeed but is soon interrupted by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces, before any more harm can come to the local military and civilians.

Spiderman is quickly dismayed when he finds out that the organization isn't on his side of things.

June 18, 2012

Daredevil Issue 17 Cover Sneak Peek

Here's an advance look at the cover for Daredevil issue 17 with artwork by Mike Allred. Judging from the cover, looks like he's back from his trip to Latveria?

Image via Marvel Comics

STAR WARS - Knight Errant: Escape

Set about 1,000 years before the rise of Luke Skywalker, follow the further adventures of Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, in this new storyline, Knight Errant: Escape, from Dark Horse Comics. What is Holt’s mysterious and new secret mission that will surely have her encounter the Sith? 

Why the Revelation in Batman #10 Doesn't Work

If you haven't already read Batman #10, I highly suggest you run, don't walk, to your nearest local comic book shop and do so. The latest chapter in Scott Snyder's Night of the Owls arc is definitely a game changer, and a huge turning point for the entire Batman mythos. The issue's revelation has also already spurred some intense controversy amongst Batman purists and casual comic book readers. Yep, it's one of those issues, boys and girls.

Spoilers ahead. You have been warned. SPOILERS. AHEAD.

June 15, 2012

Teen Titans: Steve Dayton/Mento

The Father Who Wasn't There
A look back at Steve Dayton, Beast Boy's adoptive father

The 1980s Teen Titans have always been my favorite series. Writer Marv Wolfman's intricate storylines and tight continuity were only rivaled by Chris Claremont in Uncanny X-Men. With the Titans, Wolfman revived a concept and made it a runaway hit with it's team of young stars and former sidekicks. Wolfman also delved into DC Comics history by bringing on Gar Logan known as Beast Boy or Changeling into the lineup. Beast Boy was adopted by Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr) and Mento (Steve Dayton).

It made for an interesting family by all means! Dayton would later come to almost kill Logan on many occasions though. Dayton was one of the richest men in the world. Trying to impress Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol, he develops a helmet that increases his mental abilities. He later calls himself Mento and later on wins her heart. They eventually marry and adopt Beast Boy.

Several decades later, Wolfman's Teen Titans rescue the Robotman and eventually encounter the original killers of the Doom Patrol, General Zahl and Madame Rouge.  A drugged Mento, who went on a quest to find the Doom Patrol's killers but captured by Zahl and Rouge, attacks the Titans. With the help of Raven, the Titans are able to defeat Mento as well as Zahl and Rouge in an unusual team-up with the Brotherhood of Evil.

After the events of the first Crisis, Mento is driven insane through the use of his helmet. Years later, he forms a group similar to the Doom Patrol, known as the Hybrid and once again attacks the Titans. Again, Mento faces defeat at the hands of both groups.

The return of Steve Dayton and first battle with the Titans is collected in the New Teen Titans Archives Volume 2.

[These events take place before the Doom Patrol retcon in Infinite Crisis and Flashpoint]

June 13, 2012

Sword and Sorcery: Amethyst


This fall marks the return of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, in a new title simply called "Sword and Sorcery".

It marks the first appearance of Amy Winston in the New 52 timeline despite sporadic and notable appearances during Infinite Crisis and Flashpoint. Acclaimed writer Christy Marx (JEM, Sisterhood of Steel, Conan) helms the new adventures for Winston.

We can't help but wonder if the character's revival is inspired by the success of the Hunger Games and The Twilight series.  Moreover, perhaps with the popularity of comic-books in general, maybe the time is right for her return as well?

A female character in the genre of sword and sorcery, headlining this new series, is certainly a welcome addition and departure from titles such as Batgirl, World's Finest, Supergirl and other DC superheroine-based books.  Bring on the magic!

The new series makes it's debut on September 19, 2012 with a zero issue. A backup story featuring Beowulf has also been announced. Perhaps Travis Morgan aka Warlord might make his return as well?

Most of her classic comics are also separately available via Amazon. Furthermore, DC Comics also plans to release a collection of her classic issues consisting mainly of her debut in Legion of Superheroes, miniseries and other appearances, to coincide with the debut of her new series.

The paperback is available for pre-order below via Amazon

June 12, 2012

Hunger Games: Preorder

The Hunger Games arrives on home video on August 18, 2012. Here's what to expect for both the 2-disc Blu-Ray and 2-disc DVD sets:

Disc 1: Feature Film

Disc 2: Game Maker: Suzanne Collins and the Hunger Games Phenomenon; The World is Watching: Making the Hunger Games; Letters from the Rose Garden and many more features!

Pre-order your copy from Amazon and save:


Review: Defenders Issue 5

The Defenders head to the watery depths as Namor makes a startling discovery that relates to The Concordance Engine. However, the storyline also touches upon Namor's past as well, as another strange discovery is made. Defenders issue 5 is another excellent read by writer Matt Fraction.

Namor summons Dr. Strange and the team after finding a connection to the Concordance Engine in Strange's home. Deep in the sea, the Defenders are directed to a doorway with markings similar to the Concordance Engine design. No sooner as they open it though, the team is suddenly attacked all around by the inhabitants of the tomb, beings known as the 99 Daughters of Pontus! Namor ends the fray and allows them to escape. Big mistake? The answer is revealed in the ending of the story.

June 11, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men: AvX Issue 11 Sneak Peek

Marvel has unveiled the cover for AvX issue 11 with art by Jim Cheung. From what we can tell, "Team Phoenix" members Cyclops and Emma Frost, possessed by The Phoenix Force in AvX issue 5, appear to be battling each other.

Avengers vs. X-Men issue 11 is on sale this September.

Via Marvel Comics

Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue 1 Variants

Here are the variant covers for the recently released Before Watchmen: Minutemen miniseries by Darwyn Cooke.  The group variant is by Michael Golden. The Hooded Justice variant is by Jim Lee.

Available at the release of Before Watchmen: Minutemen, you can also order these variants via Amazon:


Adobe Photoshop Express Update 2.5

The latest update for Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone and iPad, version 2.5, now includes a brand new Effects Pack. The pack features an array of effects such as distortion, tilt shift and many numerous others. Furthermore, the interface seems a bit easier to use and less menus, when compared to Apple’s iPhoto app. 

The pack is an in-app purchase when existing users update the app from the App Store. 

Download the Adobe Photoshop Express App:


June 8, 2012

Wonder Woman: Blood Hardcover

Blood HC

Available now, the Wonder Woman: Blood hardcover collects the edgy first six issues of Wonder Woman's current series. Writer Brian Azzarelo and artist Cliff Chiang have completely transformed Wonder Woman's origins and supporting cast, taking her to new heights and adventures within her mythological roots.

June 6, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 2

Despite the media controversy regarding the sexual orientation of the Earth 2 Alan Scott, issue 2 of the series doesn't disappoint and is filled to the brim with action and surprises.

It's another stellar read from James Robinson and Nicola Scott that features none other than three heroes making their debuts for this series. And one waiting in the wings!

Earth 2 is the new parallel Earth series from writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott. It's a whole new approach on the classic Justice Society of America characters and mythos.

Issue 1 depicted the final battle of this parallel world's versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman against Darkseid, narrated by Alan Scott. As the world mourns their deaths, who will step up and carry on the heroic ideals of the Trinity? Lest we forget, Steppenwolf, a minion of Darkseid is still a threat.

Review: Supercrooks Issue 3

Supercrooks issue 3 is a mind blowing read to say the least. Johnny Bolt's cohorts do their best to convince him not to go through with his plan to rob the supervillain, The Bastard, lest they all suffer dire fates. Does Johnny listen though?

June 5, 2012

Earth 2 Hawkgirl by Brett Booth

In the upcoming fourth issue of Earth 2 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, the all new Hawkgirl makes her debut.  Robinson informs readers that he plans to keep her in line with her "predecessor", the original Kendra Saunders.  Moreover, the new Hawkgirl is to fill the void left by Earth 2's Batman, as a hero with an emphasis on detective work.

A closer study of the new design concept and cover art shows some form of Egyptian influence around the optical areas of Saunder's helmet, harkening back to the classic Gardner Fox Hawkman origins and mythos as well. Notice the lines from the helmet partly descend to the character's cheeks. Is there more perhaps to Saunder's new look? We'll see.
Images courtesy Brett Booth and ComicBookMovie

June 4, 2012

Classic Ms. Marvel

As Carol Danvers becomes the new Captain Marvel, Ben Chabala over at Marvel Comics, has compiled some of the issues available via the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service featuring Ms. Marvel.  Over the years, Danvers has been known as Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird.

Highlights include:

  • Ms. Marvel # 1: Wherein our heroine tackles some bank robbers and the menace of the Scorpion in her debut 1970s series. You'll get to witness her original costume and the issue features classic artwork by John Buscema. 
  • Avengers # 47: Our dynamic damsel fights some mutated wolves in Canada!
  • Ms. Marvel # 1: The most recent series for our heroine finds her taking on Stiltman and the familiar threat of the Brood.

 Carol Danvers through the years

And many more issues as well! I still remember her classic fight with Rogue in an issue penciled by Jim Lee, which is unfortunately not featured here.

Via Marvel Comics

REVIEW: Batman Annual #1: The Torment of Mr. Freeze

For years the quintessential origin of Mr. Freeze came from the 1992 Batman - The Animated Series episode "Heart of Ice". Incidentally it's also one of the best episodes the best episode to come from the iconic TV series, which is saying quite a lot. Following the positive critical response of the episode and a resurgence in the villain's popularity, DC even retconned the comic book version of Mr. Freeze to more closely resemble and portray the animated version. The episode also influenced the plot of 1997's infamous and horrible Batman and Robin, where Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Mr. Freeze. 

It's hard to believe that "Heart of Ice" first aired 20 years ago. Now that we've somewhat adjusted into DC's New 52 Universe, I guess the heads at DC thought that Victor Fries needed a new origin as well, and the first New 52 annual issue of Batman retells the now classic tragedy. Victor's origin isn't safe from the New 52 relaunch however, as there are some major changes and additions which tie directly into the current Night of the Owls event. (Reanimated undead Talon assassins? Ring any bells?) Fans can rest easy however - though the change is not necessarily better, it's definitely a different take on one of the Batman's better villains and worth the read.

Warning! Spoilers ahead. SPOILERS. AHEAD.

June 1, 2012

Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us game. Brought to you by the folks at NetherRealm Studios (Arkham City), it pits DC hero vs hero. While some of the costumes look great, does a hero like the Flash need all that armor? Can't wait though!

Via GameSpot