August 31, 2011

LEGO Star Wars Minifigs

It would be nice if LEGO sold their Star Wars minifigs seperately as well. For now, the only one to get one is through eBay or buying each individual set. Maybe LEGO will realize this and sell each minifig separately some day.

REVIEW: Justice League #1

Midnight has come and gone, and the old DC Universe is no more. So how's the New 52 so far? Was it worth the midnight release parties? (Beware, spoilers ahead).

August 30, 2011

Justice League Variant Cover

Check out the David Finch variant covers for the Justice League issue number one relaunch as part of DC Comics New 52 initiative.

August 29, 2011

G.I. Joe Episodes

After a few minutes of watching the G.I. Joe movie, I really had to turn it off. I'm glad I didn't watch it in the theaters. The plot was just awful and Marlan Wayans' character's sexual advances towards the female character was already a turnoff to begin with. If the producers just wanted to use the movie as a vehicle to sell toys then I could understand. However, they should take another look at the classic cartoon series for sequel ideas. Here's our favorites.

August 28, 2011



We've a got sneak peek of the first issue of Batwoman coming in mid-September. Check out some preview pages.

Han Solo Ice-Tray

To quote a certain bounty hunter, "He's no good to me dead", but we think Captain Solo looks great frozen in water, with our mixed drinks during the hot summer season!

August 27, 2011

Green Lantern No. 1 Variant Cover

Here is the original cover as well as the preview for the variant cover, for the relaunch of Green Lantern's first issue. Click to enlarge the images.

Standard Cover
Variant Cover

Facebook Photo Filter

After an unsuccessful bid to buy Instagram, according to Mashable, Facebook is now reportedly launching it's own separate rival app for the mobile platform.

August 26, 2011

Memorable Apple Commercials

One aspect of the Steve Jobs era at Apple is the advertising campaigns and the memorable commercials. As we all know, advertising aims to convey a product's purpose and features and Apple's advertisements have been to the point. Here's a few we fondly recall.

Superman Infographic

How well do you know Superman? Ever wondered who Mon-El, Bibbo Bibbowski, Vril Dox are? Find out about the various characters in the Man of Steel's life with this handy infographic.

August 25, 2011

Pre-Order Thor Movie on iTunes

It's hammer time! Again! Fans can now pre-order the God of Thunder's movie via iTunes.

Cheaper iPhone 4

With Reuters reporting that a cheaper version of the current iPhone 4 would debut soon, I would strongly dissuade anyone from buying if they want to truly enjoy the device.

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO

I remember my first Apple experience which happened in 5th grade. I'm certain it was an Apple IIc. Years later, my Dad bought the Apple Cube, then moved on to a iMac G4, G5 then an Intel iMac. The appeal for me was the amazing design (and color) of these computers. I didn't catch the Mac bug until after college. I've moved myself up to the ladder by purchasing a iPhone and iMac.

As you bid farewell, thank you Steve, for your tenacious work and attention to detail. I have enjoyed the products under your term. Here's to the future.

Photo via Bloomberg

August 24, 2011

Star Wars XBOX 360 Edition Delayed

Sadly, the Star Wars XBOX 360 Kinect game and limited edition console will not launch this year in time for the holiday season.

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Movie Trailer

Johnny Blaze is back. Take a peek at the latest Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie trailer.

August 23, 2011

Batman's Origin...the Chinese version

Check out Batman's origin story found on a toy sold in a Chinese store.

Post-PC Era

Hold the phone, the PC is still alive and kicking. Products like the iPad or mobile devices aren't quite up to task yet when it comes to replacing laptops and desktops.

August 22, 2011

HP TouchPad

While the HP TouchPad may be a hot item on Amazon, my advice is to avoid products like these.

Transformers Generations Sergeant Kup

The wise old warrior returns for the Transformers Generations line of toys.

August 21, 2011

Apple & Starbucks Team Up for Free iPhone Apps


According to CNET, Starbucks and Apple are now giving away free apps at Starbucks locations. This is a shift from the traditional free songs that Apple used to distribute.  The first free app being launched is Shazam Encore. This app allows users to identify songs from any location. Retailing normally for $5.99 at the iTunes Store, it's quite a bargain.  

Both companies are mum as to what apps are next in line. 

iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store


August 20, 2011

Apple Campus

As Apple continues to grow as a company, the City of Cupertino recently disclosed some of the renderings for Apple's new campus. The new building or spaceship rather, is around 2 million square feet. Take a look at some of the amazing images.

August 19, 2011

Star Wars Blu-Ray Early Access

Can't wait until September 16 for the six disc Blu-ray set? iPad and iPhone users can install the Star Wars Blu-Ray Early Access app to preview aspects of the upcoming collection.

August 18, 2011

DC Comics: The New 52

The upcoming DC Comics relaunch is just weeks away! What titles are we most excited for?

PS3 Price Drop

Sony announced in Germany earlier this week that it was dropping the prices for it's current lineup of the PS3 consoles. The 160 GB model will now cost $249 and the 250 GB model will now cost $300. If you're a serious gamer, we highly recommend opting for the larger hard drive model for a better value. Among the features of the PlayStation 3 is that it's packed with a Blu-ray drive allowing you to watch Blu-ray movies, you can store photos, video and music on the drives and is WiFi ready.

Via Ars Technica

August 17, 2011

NBA Jam for iPhone

Move over NBA Live, there’s a more enjoyable basketball game out there.  The slam dunk moves and all-around fun game play will leave you wanting for more rematches.

August 16, 2011

Using The iPhone Map

My wife recently got lost driving. Being an iPhone user, I should have taught her how to use the Maps app. It's a powerful tool that gets you around town.

August 15, 2011

DC Comics App

While DC Comics has started relaunching and renumbering all their comics back to number one, I've noticed lately that a lot of the older DC comics are now available in their app for the iPad. If you've ever wanted to build your comic-book collection now is the time. However, there's a catch to some of the titles available.

August 14, 2011

Texting While Driving

That slow driver behind you or in front of you? Probably texting or checking his Facebook status.  We all do it, even me. This is the new reality we have to deal with while driving on the road. I’m not basing this information from any scientific study but from personal experience only.  As our lives grow more connected to the internet, the above activities will be more common occurrences. Sometimes these actions can lead to tragic consequences.

August 13, 2011

Cable & Satellite Television Customers Cutting Back

Looks like the economic slowdown is causing a massive drop of cable and satellite television subscribers. According to an AP article, viewers are cancelling or forgoing subscriptions due to economic factors such as unemployment, high gas prices and a bad housing market. Furthermore, do we really need all the cable channels that we pay for? I mean how many of us just perhaps 20 shows of the hundreds that are included in our service? 

August 12, 2011

Transformers Generations Thundercracker

Another Decepticon returns in retro style form. Thundercracker joins other Transformers in Hasbro's Generations line. Additional pictures below.

August 11, 2011

Star Wars Vintage Collection Snow Speeder

Here’s a few photos of the Vintage Collection Snowspeeder vehicle released earlier in the year for the Empire Strikes Back anniversary.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has launched it's new Facebook Messenger app for mobile devices. Will it end the use of text messaging? Why is another app for messaging even necessary? Check out the screenshots.

August 10, 2011

Transfer Apple TV Purchases to Your iPhone or iPad

You’ve downloaded some television shows on your shiny new Apple TV but want to transfer them to your iPad to watch at work? Yes, we’ve been in that situation too. Here’s how to accomplish that task.

August 9, 2011

Wolverine Anime Concept Art

Concept art for the Wolverine anime series on Crackle.  The series begins in Japan where Logan is challenged by Shingen Yashida, leader of a powerful mafia clan. Material is based on work by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont.

The series can be viewed on the Crackle website, Apple TV app and iOS app. It originally aired on the G4 Network in 2011.

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Images courtesy Marvel

Mac App Store Games

The Mac App Store informs you if your system can run a particular game. However, it's best to read the full description before downloading. Here's how to check if the latest game will run on your particular setup.

August 8, 2011

Animal Man

DC Comics is relaunching the critically acclaimed Animal Man series once again.  He was given super powers by aliens and has the ability to tap into the animal kingdom and use nearby animals (ex. bird's ability to fly, gorilla strength, etc.) for his own needs. These powers would be magnified in human form.  Check out preview selections from the upcoming new series. The striking first issue cover is below:

Apple TV Fail

I had my first difficulties with the new streaming feature of previously purchased television shows on the Apple TV. This happend this past weekend, on Saturday morning when you least expect people to be watching television at 7:00am.  I tried to view a show but received an error message stating that the iTunes store, where the content is stored, was not available at the moment.

August 7, 2011

Spotify Review: One Week Later

I've been using Spotify, the music service that just launched for American users recently for close to a week now. It's basically a cloud-based service that allows you to stream music from any device, laptop or cell phone, depending on what subscription plan you sign up for. Europeans have already been using Spotify for the past few years. Boasting a library of over 13 million songs, Spotify easily offers users many choices for their listening pleasure. It is not another online radio station, like AOL Radio or Pandora. It has been referred to as the "iTunes Killer".You choose the songs you want to hear and create your own playlists.

August 6, 2011

Star Wars on iTunes

2011 is turning out to be a great year for Star Wars fans everywhere. There is just so much happening for everyone's favorite franchise. The Star Wars Miniland area premiered at LEGOLAND California, the movies will be released on a special edition Blu-ray disc package in September (for North America) and then a special XBox 360 Kinect gaming system will premiere later this year. Everything sounds wonderful so far right?

Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle Photos

Warner Bros. has released an official teaser photo of Anne Hathaway in her Selina Kyle role, available at the Dark Knight Rises website. She appears to be either riding a Wayne Enterprises vehicle via Batman's Tumbler or her own perhaps? Additionally, we have more photos for your enjoyment showing her in action on the Dark Knight Rises set.

August 5, 2011

Cruel Summer

The weather has been pleasant in the mornings lately. It hasn't gotten as hot as usual for the past month. The problem is, we're just now in the middle of summer weather here in Los Angeles. It usually doesn't cool down until the start of October from my recollection. Here's a few tips to stay cool this summer.

You have to be creative to beat the summer weather. This means not doing as much outdoor activities as possible. Well, if you have to, then do it early as you can. By all means don't wear dark or black clothing outside either. If you're a movie buff try catch an earlier showing just to be inside someplace cool. Head to the beach if possible. Draw down curtains or blinds during sunrise and sunset, you'll find your place won't be as hot.

Of course, have some ice-cream as well. It's a tasty method to stay cool out there.

X-Men for iPhone

Konami's X-Men for iPhone (and iPad) is a fun return to the comic-book series' popularity of the 1990s and the same arcade game of that time. This side-scrolling fighting game and cut scenes will remind you of both the comic and cartoon. With a small team of mutants to choose from, the only question now is, which character to play?