October 30, 2012

Batman: Lil' Gotham By Dustin Nguyen

Oh so cute! A new project by artist Dustin Nguyen and co-writer Derek Fridolfs, takes the Batman universe to a whole new style!

October 25, 2012

Review: Batman Incorporated Issue 4

Captured by the assassin Goat Boy from the previous issue, how does Bruce Wayne survive this dilemma? The secret identity of the new Wingman is also revealed!

October 24, 2012

Grand Theft Auto V: Pest Control Artwork

Rockstar Games unveiled the Pest Control artwork for their upcoming Grand Theft Auto V game. In addition to the logo, fans can now download this wallpaper artwork.

 Via Rockstar Games

October 23, 2012

Review: Minutemen Issue 4

Despite two more issues left in the miniseries, writer and artist Darwyn Cooke, begins to close the curtain for The Minutemen and one of the characters as well. Watch the team begin to unravel!

Review: Daredevil Issue 19

A big revelation is on hand, as writer Mark Waid unveils the villain responsible for all the physical and emotional distress, Daredevil has had to encounter lately! It's an unlikely reveal though but still shocking regardless!

October 22, 2012

Batman, Inc. Issue 4 Variant Cover

Artist Chris Burnham tweeted the variant cover for Batman, Inc. issue 4, as done by Andy Clarke. A small preview is also available featuring most of the Batman Incorporated family in action. Issue 4 is only sale this Wednesday!

via HeroComplex

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October 18, 2012

Review: Hawkeye Issue 3

Despite an action-packed issue filled to the brim, with high-speed chases and an arsenal of arrows, Hawkeye issue 3 misses the target. It's a mixed bag due to a very thin story by writer Matt Fraction but is coupled nonetheless, with the same spectacular art from David Aja.

Having been a fan of Hawkeye since the 1990s in such titles as West Coast Avengers and Solo Avengers, the launch of his solo series certainly caught my attention. With the wonderful story in issue 1 showcasing Clint Barton helping out his fellow neighbors and the equally amazing effort in issue 2, the series was off to a great start. Furthermore, the second issue of the series featured a hive of Marvel's vilest villains with our dynamic duo of Kate Bishop and Barton, taking them head on. The stunning panel work by Aja leaves one breathless with each turn of the page. Could anything derail the hot start of the series so far?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. [SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD]

There's no question action fans will truly enjoy Hawkeye issue 3 with it's frenetic pace between scenes. One minute Clint Barton is looking for labels for his variety of arrows, the next he's protecting the life of some woman he just met off the street. Fraction doesn't offer much in the way of explanations for the mysterious woman, Barton hooks up and instead leaves it up to the action to drive the story. My other gripe is the portrayal of Barton and his sexual encounter with the woman. It leaves the reader with a shallow depiction of Hawkeye, who casually beds women he just met off the street. Additionally it makes Barton seem nothing like the good Samaritan-type we saw back in the debut issue but someone so hollow. Add to that, the scenes where Barton brags about how quickly he can get the cash to buy the car from her. It's a whole different side to Barton than we've seen so far and just seems so regressive and "caveman-ish" for him. Aja's work is quite stunning again but doesn't match the brilliant and even intricate panel work featured in issue 2.

Final Verdict: C
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October 17, 2012

REVIEW: Legends of the Dark Knight #1 (Print Edition)

No annoying Owls, no New 52 retcons, and an appearance by Tim Drake as ROBIN? Quite possibly one of the best Batman comics of 2012. No, seriously.

Appearing for the first time in print, Legends of the Dark Knight is a compiled release of the first three short stories of the 2012 digital-first series of the same name. All three stories are stand-alone tales and take place outside of regular current DC continuity. It's a nice breath of fresh air after a year of New 52 frustration and confusion. Just classic stuff really, and any fan of Batman old and new will enjoy this series. 

If you aren't down to the pay the $4 cover price, each story is available digitally for $.99 cents. Since the series is digital-first, it was meant to be read digitally and supposedly a much better experience. I prefer print so I'll leave you all to be the judge! :)

Batman drinks coffee?
Ever wonder that Batman's weakness really is? In "The Butler Did It", writer Damon Lindelof and artist Jeff Lemire take a look back at a young, arrogant Batman/Bruce Wayne as he learns a valuable lesson or two from the ever-wise and faithful Alfred.

"All of the Above", my favorite story in the issue,  pits Batman against Justice League villain Amazo. Stranded alone on the JLA Watchtower, Batman's "powers" are put to the test. (Keep an eye out for the Adam West reference.) Kudos to Jonathan Larsen and JG Jones for reminding us why Batman is so awesome.

Guess who?
Finally, "The Crime Never Committed" penned by Tom Taylor and drawn by Nicola Scott features Batman intervening to prevent a crime that he knows will be committed. Tim Drake makes an appearance here in his classic Robin costume, and I can't say I didn't squee just a little when I turned to that page.

THE GOOD: Just a great book with three superb stories that highlight Batman's strengths and weaknesses. Nothing too over the top or shocking, and a nice break from all the frustrations of the New 52. I dare say, it ranks as one of the best Batman issues of 2012.

THE BAD: Absolutely nothing wrong with this issue. 

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Batman: Dark Knight Returns Action Figure Box Set

The gang's all here! Making its way in early 2013 is the re-release of the Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns comic-book. action figures.  Inspired by the groundbreaking graphic novel/miniseries, the box set includes, The Joker, Superman, Robin and the Dark Knight himself based on Miller's artwork. Look for it in January 2013.

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October 16, 2012

Apple Event October 23 - iPad Mini?

Could Apple's scheduled event next week, see the launch of a new product, namely a smaller version of the iPad? Possibly launching at a size comparable to Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7, this new Apple product is set to take these two tablets head on as well.

October 15, 2012

PREVIEW: Hawkeye Issue 8 Cover Art

This striking cover by David Aja for Hawkeye issue 8 ranks as one of the best we've seen so far for the series. Issue 8 is due out February 27, 2013.

Via Kelly Sue DeConnick

October 12, 2012

NYCC 2012 Wonder Woman Orion Concept Art

Unveiled at New York Comic Con 2012, check out some of artist Cliff Chiang's concept artwork for New God Orion. Are the rest soon to follow?

Review: Daredevil Issue 18

Daredevil descends further into the dark as a figure from his past catches up with him. Also, how fragile is Matt Murdock's friendship with Foggy Nelson and have things gotten even worse?

Let's face it, Daredevil has been through a lot within the last few issues. You want to feel sorry for him but you know he can take care of himself, since he's got enhanced abilities. After a little trip to Latveria, old Horn Head has certainly been put through the wringer by writer Mark Waid, since the Omega Drive story arc.  We all had hopes for Matt Murdock and the burgeoning start of a relationship with Kirsten McDuffie but that seems to have evaporated, given how much our hero has been through. To top things off, Foggy's discovery of Matt's father's remains in their law office, has completely shattered the trust and relationship both men have shared. What else could happen for Daredevil at this point?

Well, writer Mark Waid throws another wrinkle for Horn Head in Daredevil issue 18. Despite the flashback issues showcasing the bond between Nelson and Murdock, it's clear Waid is taking both characters in different paths. Waid's transitions for Nelson seem evident when a client drops by for help but does show much impact Murdock has had on Nelson's life, when it comes to the law and in seeking justice. Things take a turn towards the dark side here, as a person from Daredevil's past shows up, literally on his bed. Murdock's shaky psyche surely can't take anymore of this and it makes us wonder what Waid has in store for Daredevil? Could a complete mental breakdown be possible future for our hero? Again, Waid's tone for the book has gone darker and even more mysterious than previous issues.

There is nothing much more to say about Chris Samnee's always wonderful artwork and the complementing work of colorist Javier Rodriguez. Both of whom seem to always make each panel pop and explode at the right times.

Final Verdict: A

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October 11, 2012

Review: NBA 2K13 for iPhone

How does the sequel to NBA 2K12 for the iOS platform, stack up to it's predecessor? Well, NBA 2K13 doesn't foul out as it becomes the dominant mobile basketball game.

Greatest Games

When NBA 2K12 was released, it was riddled with a few bugs that hampered the overall experience. There was an incredible lag between the game announcers and the action on the court. Often times, announcers would state the action to a much later period instead of on the spot. Despite this simple flaw, the game proved to be a lasting favorite all season with roster updates and other features being added such as social media network sharing, along the way.

As the 2013 basketball season begins, 2KSports' NBA 2K13 for iPhone and iPad, elevates itself once again, as the premiere basketball game for the mobile gaming community. Building upon it's previous iteration with newer graphics, updated Greatest Games features and others, NBA 2K13 continues it's dominance like Shaq in the paint, during his Orlando Magic years. This year's release isn't hampered with any initial problems and you'll enjoy once you've immediately downloaded it.

Dwight Howard shoots over LeBron!
Lakers vs. Heat

NBA 2K13 retains much from it's predecessor with the menus and options. You can play against someone via GameCenter or Bluetooth. The biggest change and addition is in the Greatest Games feature where you have a wider selection of players to choose from. Furthermore, you can expect to relive other athlete's greatest games as well but the initial batch featuring Allen Iverson, Drik Nowitzki and more, isn't bad at all!

Not too much has changed from NBA2K12 with the controls. There are few games on the mobile gaming genre that have a good system for controls, that mimic it's hardware console counterparts and NBA 2K13 is one of them. The virtual D-Pad is still here as well as the one touch tap control system. The layout for the controls have vastly improved and now take up larger space on the screen. Though it doesn't deter from the onscreen action. It won't take you long to master this game with these simple controls.

Final Verdict
Simply put, NBA 2K13 continues it's reign in the mobile gaming platform. The playing experience is fun, frenetic as the real games are. Most importantly, the affordable price for this universal app, playable on the iPad as well should make it a lasting selection for your mobile gaming needs.

Download from Apple:

October 10, 2012

Review: Batman Issue 13

The body count is always high when the Joker is around. Once again, he's exacting deadly revenge, with Gotham City's police force taking the brunt and hitting close to home, literally for Batman. What lies ahead for the guardian of Gotham and his allies?

With the highly anticipated return of the Joker, writer Scott Snyder wastes no time with the brutality the Clown Prince of Crime is known for. Multitudes of Gotham's police force fall victim to Snyder's unnerving portrayal of the Joker's tactics and sadistic ways, as he begins his deadly killing spree once more. If you've enjoyed Christopher Nolan's and Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, then you'll feel right at home with Snyder's story. Not as sadistic as the Alan Moore version in The Killing Joke but far more brutal and definite. The problem is, the Joker has only just begun and the sad part, Batman and team are always one step behind.

Artist Greg Capullo does the same bang-up he always does for the Dark Knight, especially in the scenes featuring Commissioner Gordon confronting the villain.  Batman issue 13 is also a nostalgic look at the Joker with the Red Hood references. As a bonus for readers, there is an equally terrifying backup story featuring Harley Quinn, with striking visuals by artist Jock.  Snyder's dialogue for the Joker in this small sequence is brilliant done and just as scary. The slow simmering build-up in the main story is coupled with an equally shocking ending. Hang on readers, the Clown Prince of Crime has returned!

Final Verdict: A

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Review: Action Comics 13

A menace from Krypton's past makes his presence felt in the present, as Superman goes into Phantom Zone. Featuring the special appearance of The Phantom Stranger, this issue also marks a beloved reunion for the Man of Steel with a companion.

Writer Grant Morrison crafts an spooky Halloween story for Action Comics issue 13. There are some wonderful nods to the Superman mythos here so be sure not to gloss over them. Artist Travel Foreman adds his own unique look to the Man of Steel. Is it a coincidence, that Foreman is penciling this Halloween tale? If you're familiar with his previous visceral work on Animal Man, you'll enjoy his style here. Despite not being too detailed, Foreman's panels are simple yet refined and are as comparable as Rags Morales' early work and style were. Foreman's depictions of Krypton are pretty mind-blowing as well.

Doctor Xa-Du, a threat to the stability of the planet Krypton, finds himself banished to the Phantom Zone. Morrison's depiction of the Doctor pleading for mercy are quite powerful for readers to grasp the level of revenge, Xa-Du burns for. Interesting that Xa-du's banishment also falls on Halloween, as the menace uses a ecto-suit to escape the Phantom Zone and get his revenge on Jor-El's son! With the help of the Phantom Stranger and a companion from the planet Krypton, is Superman able to send Xa-Du back to prison. Of course this loving companion was hinted at in issues past and is a wonderful sight to see again. Man's best friend is a sight for sore eyes!

Final verdict: A

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October 9, 2012

Review: Fairest Issue 8

A different kind storyline is at hand as Rapunzel heads off to Japan when her past comes literally crashing back at her feet. What's in store for her as well as her Fables comrades in this dark adventure?

Writer Lauren Beukes takes the Fables characters on a thrilling and deadly new adventure, centered around the character Rapunzel, as she travels to the Far East on a personal quest for answers.  Bringing along Jack Horner and his own special talents on this journey as well as her hairdresser, the unlikely pairing of the trio instantly faces trouble on their first outing in Japan. Beukes adds a mix of dark humor and suspense as the writer weaves an interesting story with each scene building up to the climactic ending.  Inaki Miranda's artwork is sufficient in capturing the panels and characters well.  Miranda's work goes full screen on some panels as well. Buekes' depiction and inclusion of Jack Horner adds a perfect balance and mix of dark humor in this deeply personal story.

Furthermore, you'll see some Japan-based pop culture references injected into the story by Beukes. There's a poignant scene in the middle of the issue, that contrasts Snow White and Rapunzel, both of whom never so far apart when it comes to offspring. A tale filled with mystery and suspense involving the Fables is nothing new, but Beukes' debut story in this "Hidden Kingdom" arc, presents itself well and leaves readers hanging on or more.  While new readers unfamiliar with the Fables universe of stories and characters might get lost with the many different scenes, Beukes' writing blends in enough elements to keep both audiences hooked without losing those who are unfamiliar. Furthermore, the story is capped with a tantalizing cliffhanger ending.

Final Verdict: A

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October 8, 2012

Frank Cho Marvel NOW! Wolverine

Marvel Comics recently announced that acclaimed artist Frank Cho will be writing and drawing the adventures of Logan in a brand new series "Savage Wolverine", as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative.  Longtime fans such as myself, should take note, that Logan will be with a new sidekick  namely, Shanna The She-Devil by his side. Cho's  theme for the series will revolve around some "Indian Jones/Cthulhu" adventures.

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Days of Reboots Past: The New 52

Artist Phil Jimenez tweeted this interesting parody on the New 52 relaunch recently. Based on the classic "Days of Futures Past" cover artwork by John Byrne, it's satirical look at DC Comics' reboot.

Via Phil Jimenez, John Trumbull

October 5, 2012

PREVIEW: Fantastic Four Marvel NOW! Issue One Artwork

Here's some preview pages from the upcoming Fantastic Four Marvel NOW! series. Writer Matt Fraction and artist Mark Bagley take the team to new heights! Take a gander at these unlettered pages!

October 3, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 5

The Wonders of Earth 2 have gathered as a team to fight off the threat of Solomon Grundy! What chance do they have when the Champion of The Grey can simply regenerate himself?

Review: Batman Incorporated Issue Zero

Much of writer Grant Morrison's previous work on the interrupted series Batman, Inc., is mostly recapped in this zero issue. Shedding light on a few past moments of Batman's global recruitment efforts, new readers might not understand the entire issue.

One of the initial causalities of the New 52 reboot initiative was Morrison's new series, Batman, Incorporated. Many of the characters involved, would simply not fit in due to the revamped timeline, with the biggest change being bestowed on the Batgirl/Oracle persona. Since then, "Leviathan Strikes", a one-shot special was released to finalize most of what Morrison had layed out in the first volume of the series. There, fans got one more glimpse of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. As the series resumed, issue zero served as a way to reintroduce some of the stories from the first volume. Missing are any scenes involving any of the Bat-Family of characters such as Batwoman, Red Robin and Batgirl. You can forget about Jezebel Jet either.  Instead we get some extended moments of Bruce Wayne's recruitment drive as a final homage to the original series.

It's not that Batman, Inc. issue 0 is a total disappoint but there's definitely nothing exciting for old readers but simply a daunting springboard for new readers. The dialogue is still witty and fresh - you'll love the shrinking ray jokes! Frazer Irving's artwork is spectacular as with the rest of the previous artists on the first series. Much of the global heroes haven't been prominently featured in the current series (Batman of Japan, Dark Ranger, etc.) with the exception of a few back in issue one of the new series (Even some of The Outsiders are there!). Perhaps this issue spotlights them and their future contributions in the war against Leviathan. Batman issue 0 is a great companion to Batman Inc., issue 2 of the New 52 series but can be a challenge for newer readers not familiar with what has transpired before.

Final Verdict: B

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October 2, 2012

PREVIEW: Hawkeye Issue 3 Artwork

The non-stop action continues in this Hawkeye issue 3 preview. With new partner Kate Bishop by his side, the adventures roll on for Clint Barton! Check out some fast-paced David Aja artwork with unlettered pages.