August 30, 2012

Review: Before Watchmen Minutemen Issue 3

The stability of The Minutemen as a group continues to unravel as one particular member is driven out. What lies ahead for the fractured team? Writer and artist Darwyn Cooke continues his dark depiction of the early days of The Minutemen with issue three.

August 29, 2012

PREVIEW: Uncanny Avengers Issue One Variant

Straight from writer Rick Remender, is a look at the Adi Granov variant cover for Uncanny Avengers issue one, which he tweeted yesterday. It's another stunning look at the equally stunning Scarlet Witch.

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Review: NIKE + Running App for iPhone

An updated user interface layered with graphic friendly buttons and menus, secures the NIKE+ Running app as one of the best apps around. Bundled with more features and social networking sharing capabilities, your exercise routine will never be the same.

When we first reviewed the app awhile back, it was already a winner in our book, as one of the few have apps on your iPhone. The app with it's settings can capture your running schedule and respond with what your results after your routine. A recent update has revamped the old look and feel, giving it a more colorful and "infographic" look for the app. Which isn't necessarily a negative as bigger onscreen buttons are a welcome addition and a great departure from the old look. New social media sharing connectivity for sites like Facebook and Twitter, gives your friends and family an insight into your running regimen. Of course, you can still turn off these functions but why deny the world, the hard work and effort you put into getting in shape?

Furthermore, other new features include statistical charts and graphics detailing all of your runs and the ability to add what particular shoe you're using. NIKE+ Running still ranks as one of the best and most useful apps for the longhaul on your iPhone.

Download via the App Store:

August 28, 2012

Batman Unlimited: Dark Knight Returns Action Figure

Fans of Frank Miller's classic saga, The Dark Knight Returns, will not want to miss out on this action figure. Part of the new Batman Unlimited line of toys, this particular figure embodies the look and design of that epic miniseries. No word if any of the other characters will also be available, as it was in the previous release. The action figure is expected to debut around February 2013.

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PREVIEW: Uncanny Avengers Issue 2 Variant

Writer Rick Remender tweeted the issue 2 variant cover done by Milo Manara, for his upcoming series Uncanny Avengers. It's a strikingly sensual depiction of the mutant by legendary Italian artist Manara and one of his rare forays outside of his own work.

 Via Rick Remender

August 27, 2012

Review: Supercrooks Issue 4

Will Johnny Bolt succeed in his attempt to steal from the richest super villain? What lies ahead for his team and his love in this  unimaginable heist? Find out as the miniseries reaches it's stunning conclusion!

Writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Yu's epic miniseries arrives with it's final issue, with a bang! The storyline which has focused on down-on-his-luck supervillain, Johnny Bolt, helping another friend out, has been masterfully intriguing. Millar has weaved a tale with extremely likeable characters with protagonist Bolt being one of them. It hasn't been easy not to cheer on Bolt despite his criminal past. However, Millar didn't exactly equate Bolt's vile and illegal activities to that of say, The Joker. Throughout these four issues, Millar has depicted a character and his team, with a bit of sympathy, making them more appealing and plausible for readers. The plot of helping his friend Carmine out of some financial difficulties with other ominous criminal elements, has certainly added to my pleasure of rooting for Johnny and his team. Millar has an interesting bit of scenes involving Carmine again, in the final issue, which will way make readers chuckle and say "here we go again"!

Spiderman Issue 700 Variant

Here is the gorgeous cover for Amazing Spiderman Issue 700, highlighting those that have contributed to the wall crawler's adventures over the decades. The cover is done by Marcos Martin.

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August 26, 2012

Scott Snyder vs. Rob Liefeld: Twitter Feud

Twitter was abuzz this weekend when two top talents from the comics industry engaged in a tweet feud stemming from writer/artist Rob Liefeld's recent departure from DC Comics. Liefeld had previously tweeted his grievances with the editors of his titles. The situation escalated on Saturday morning when Batman writer Scott Snyder came to defend some of the editors Liefeld railed against. Here are some selected tweets from both:

Scott Snyder feed excerpt:

Rob Liefeld feed excerpt:

The above fracas went on, while a local charity event in Colorado was being held for the victims of the recent movie theater massacre, with other comics industry personalities in attendance. How ironic neither chose to suspend this feud in light of the event.

August 23, 2012

Instagram Updates

I've been using Instagram far more than I have recently and that's thanks in part to the app's recent updates. Certain aspects and features such as the user interface and sharing capabilities have greatly improved. Having been acquired by Facebook, I wonder how much of the design change has been implemented by the parent company. Furthermore, the connection to another app, Foursquare has also been more prominent as well. This update allows users to geotag their photos but if you value your privacy, you may want to limit this feature.

The main interface still maintains the minimal look as before. Updated icons, buttons and menus are certainly more appealing and are a treat visually. Twitter users will no longer be able to find and their associates through the Options menu, as it has been completely cut off. This is not Instagram's fault but rather Twitter's own doing, forcing users to do a manual search instead.

Download Instagram:

August 22, 2012

Review: Batman The Dark Knight Issue 12

Captured by The Scarecrow, what psychological pain has the villain unleashed on The Dark Knight? Writer Gregg Hurwitz continues his terror filled saga with Batman captured and at the mercy of Jonathan Crane!

Justice League Issue 12: Superman and Wonder Woman

With the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe, certain aspects of our beloved characters, were eliminated. We saw The Flash and Iris Allen being separated and unaware of their past relationship as was the case with Superman and Lois Lane also. Now with Entertainment Weekly's cover reveal for Justice League issue 12, we know who the special lady in Superman's life will be.

While the impending romance between Superman and Wonder Woman has always been hinted at in previous eras, such as when John Byrne and George Perez tackled the situation, it's never been completely consummated. Until now perhaps. I commend DC Comics for going in this bold direction but it doesn't feel the same without Lois being the one true love for the Man of Steel. Maybe this is DC's way of breaking from the past or perhaps another gimmick that will be forgotten. Time and the readership will ultimately decide.

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Via Entertainment Weekly, Comic Vine

August 21, 2012

PREVIEW: Thor God of Thunder Issue 1 Variant

Here's a look at Daniel Acuna's gorgeous variant cover for Thor God of Thunder issue 1, which is part of the upcoming Marvel NOW offerings. The debut issue will also feature variants from Joe Quesada and Skottie Young.

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August 20, 2012

PREVIEW: Daredevil Issue 18 Artwork

Writer Mark Waid introduces a new villain for Daredevil in the upcoming issue of Daredevil. Peep these Chris Samnee preview pages.

New 52 New Gods

I'm disappointed.

Writer Brian Azzarello has followed up on speculation about a New Gods series by stating that he only intends Orion for now and that he doesn't "want to tease too much other than saying that I think Orion and Wonder Woman interacting together is going to be something that people enjoy". The teaser at the end of Wonder Woman issue 12 which depicted a shadowy figure resembling Orion certainly got me emotional about another revival of Kirby's beloved Fourth World characters.

My only experience with these characters was through the addition of Mr. Miracle and Big Barda in the classic Justice League series in the late 80s. I was also fortunate to own the Hunger Dogs graphic novel which was Kirby's swan song on his beloved creation.

Given their New 52 appearances, I think it's time we saw the return of the rest of the New Gods, besides Darkseid and Steppenwolf. Obviously the events of Final Crisis, are no longer canon so it's time to introduce a new audience to these classic and timeless characters. The fanboy in me can't wait to see artist Cliff Chiang's interpretations of Orion, with a possible appearance by Highfather as well!

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August 17, 2012

Saga Trade Paperback

The highly acclaimed Saga series from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples is finally collected in trade paperback form and will be released on October 10, 2012. The collection contains the first six issues of the witty science fiction series from Image Comics.  Each issue was narrated by daughter Hazel as she retells the harrowing adventures and struggles of her parents Marko and Alana, former soldiers of a galactic war, all the while finding their place in the galaxy.

Preorder your copy from Amazon:

August 16, 2012

PREVIEW: Hawkeye Issue 4 Cover Art

Artist David Aja provides a simple cover for the upcoming  issue 4 of the Hawkeye series. S.H.I.E.L.D. taps the services of Clint Barton in this thrilling adventure which features interior art by Javier Pulido.  Issue 4 goes on sale in November. Also, please be kind and rewind.

Via Newsarama

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Review: Daredevil Issue 17

With their friendship and partnership dissolved, what's next for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson? The future for Murdock remains uncertain but writer Mark Waid, takes us on another nostalgic look at the friendship.

August 15, 2012

Review: Wonder Woman Issue 12

It's Wonder Woman versus Apollo, as he insists on taking Zeus' abandoned throne. Who will survive the confrontation? What happens to Zola's child?

PREVIEW: Defenders Issue 12 Cover Art

The Defenders series comes to a close this November with the release of issue 12. Here is the cover artwork for the final issue.

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August 14, 2012

PREVIEW: Batman Issue 0 Variant Cover

Here's a peek at artist Andy Clarke's variant cover for Batman Issue 0. The zero issue will be available on September 12.

Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary - East Coast Tour

Love and Rockets creators Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez celebrates 30 years of publication, with their East Coast signing and readings tour. Publisher Fantagraphics has unveiled the schedule for the duo's stops along the Northeast Tour:

Friday, Sept. 14 • Politics & Prose, Washington, D.C.
Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 15 & 16 • SPX, Bethesda, MD

Tuesday, Sept. 18 • Atomic Books, Baltimore, MD

Wednesday, Sept. 19 • Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, PA

Friday, Sept. 21 • The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, Sept. 23rd • Brooklyn Book Festival, Brooklyn, NY

September 14th-23rd, the seminal Love and Rockets creators Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez will tour from Washington D.C. to Brooklyn as part of the 30th Anniversary of Love and Rockets. Signings and readings await the Northeast this fall.

August 13, 2012

PREVIEW: Daredevil Issue 17

Guest artist Michael Allred joins writer Mark Waid for Daredevil issue 17 on sale this week. One of the panels alone is just so MAD, MAN! Enjoy!

PREVIEW: Wonder Woman Issue 13 Cover Art

Here's an advance look at the cover art by Cliff Chiang for Wonder Woman issue 13. Looks like she's hot on trail of the god Ares thanks to his trademark blood-soaked footprints.

Wonder Woman issue 13 is expected to go on sale, October 17, 2012.

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Review: Daredevil by Mark Waid Trade Paperback

Admittedly, Mark Waid's first issue in the current Daredevil series didn't start off with a bang.

What I mean is, the debut of the new series doesn't feature any super powered villain engaging with Horn Head.  Waid chooses the opportunity to showcase Daredevil's abilities by having him face common human criminals and additionally chooses to provides with a deeper look into Matt Murdock's personal life, within these initial issues.  It's only a few further issues down the road, where we see Daredevil lock horns with villains deeply rooted in Marvel history. Now collected in a trade paperback format, Daredevil by Mark Waid collects the first six issues of the current series. 

The essence of these initial issues delves deep into Marvel villain history with Daredevil running against the likes of Klaw and A.I.M., Hydra and others.  It's a nostalgic walk down memory lane and readers shouldn't expect any new super villain debuts but a host of bad guys that remind us of yesteryear. It's simply Waid exploring what's available in the stable and presenting them to readers with his own touch.  You'll witness early plot developments that blossom down the road, leading to trouble for Murdock. Artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin add their own different perspective for Daredevil as well with their unique look. Readers will appreciate the distinct style that makes it stand out from the past look of the character and stories.

PREVIEW: Sword of Sorcery Issue 1 Cover Art

Here's a preview of the cover artwork by Aaron Lopresti for issue 1, of the upcoming Sword of Sorcery series featuring the new adventures of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld. Amethyst will be the main story, written by Christy Marx, while the backup stories featuring Beowulf will be written by Tony Bedard. The first issue goes on sale October 17, 2012 and follows the heels of the zero issue.

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August 12, 2012

Review: American Vampire - Lord of Nightmares Issue 3

Felicia Book accompanies Agent Hobbes on a collision course with the greatest evil the world has ever known. An interesting stop complicates things as the threats come ever so closer!

UNBOXING: Daredevil: Born Again Artist Edition

I didn't realize how big IDW's Artist Editions books were, until my copy arrived at my doorstep. This particular AE collects the classic Frank Miller/David Mazzuchelli storyline masterpiece "Born Again", with additional bonus material provided by Mazzuchelli.

August 11, 2012

PREVIEW: Fatale Issue 7

Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips' horror noir thriller Fatale, unfolds with the second arc underway, as the examination of Josephine's past continues!

August 10, 2012


Rob Zombie - "Mondo Sex Head"
A groovy remix CD comprising many of his own songs in addition to White Zombie classics as well. DJ extraordinaire Jason Bentley helped produced the pulsating tracks for this release. Our favorites are "Foxy Foxy" and the solemn "Dragula", enjoy! Click here to purchase via Amazon.

Preview tracks via iTunes:

August 9, 2012

PREVIEW: Marvel NOW FF Issue 1

Here's a look at the very groovy cover for FF issue 1 by legendary artist Michael Allred and his partner on the series, Matt Fraction. The cover also features the lineup for the team which includes: She-Hulk, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Medusa and Miss Thing. As indicated, the title includes the Marvel AR interactive feature. Look for FF to debut this coming fall along with the rest of the titles within the Marvel NOW! initiative.

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PREVIEW: Captain Marvel Issue 2

Available next week, here's a preview of Captain Marvel issue 2 from the creative of Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Dexter Soy.

August 8, 2012

Review: BEFORE WATCHMEN: Ozymandias Issue 2

Adrian Veidt wades into the criminal underworld after the death of someone close to him. Despite his success in defeating crime lords and their ilk, the eager young hero is in for a surprise though, as his journey leads him to The Minutemen.

August 7, 2012

Review: Hawkeye Issue 1

Fans looking for menacing super villains and galactic threats will be disappointed with Clint Barton's new solo series, written by Matt Fraction with art by David Aja. The reunion of the famed Iron Fist series creative team transports readers to urban confines instead of exciting locales, with the new Hawkeye issue 1. Fraction's exploration of Barton's heroic ideals is the focus of this debut issue as readers get an understand of what Barton is all about and what makes him tick. Leave the mythical threats for the movies, you'll enjoy this first issue.

August 6, 2012

PREVIEW: Fairest Issue 6

The debut story arc involving Ali Baba, The Snow Queen and Sleeping Beauty, comes to a close with Fairest issue 6. The angered Hadeon The Destroyer, has definitely changed the course of the lives of these three.  Here's a preview of the latest issue coming out this Wednesday.

Review: Before Watchmen Nite Owl Issue 2

A guest appearance by Rorschach highlights another grim chapter in Nite Owl's career. How does a mysterious yet seductive stranger fit into his future though?

PREVIEW: Secret Avengers 31

Will The Secret Avengers succeed in stopping Max Fury and The Shadow Council, and in their battle with The Masters of Evil? Here's a peek into an upcoming issue as the teams face off with dire consequences for one side!

August 2, 2012

Batman Unlimited Action Figures

Debuting in December 2012, is the Batman Unlimited collection featuring Batgirl, Batman and classic Penguin action figures pictured above. For now, these are the only figures that are expected to be released but a rumored Red Robin figure, part of the DC Universe All Stars line, could also become available.

Via Entertainment Earth

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PREVIEW: Hawkeye Issue 2

Hot on the heels of the recently released Hawkeye issue 1, Marvel has released unlettered preview pages of Hawkeye issue 2.

Review: Earth 2 Issue 4

The Flash and Hawkgirl help Green Lantern take on Solomon Grundy, with a surprise twist at the end! What's in store for Earth 2's newest heroes?

August 1, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 16

The aftermath of Daredevil's Latverian adventure comes about, as several Avengers do their best to help out horn head! Plus, a stunning discovery is finally brought to light which threatens Foggy and Matt's partnership!