May 31, 2011

MobileMe Review

Apple is expected to announce once again, that it will revamp it's online storage service MobileMe later this month. Some changes may include more media and business-friendly features. It has stopped selling the boxed software version at it's stores. Is the current service right for you?

May 24, 2011

Star Wars Vintage Collection Three-Packs

The Star Wars Vintage Collection Three-Packs are now available exclusively at Target stores. Currently, there are three different sets available: Hero, Villain and Rebel. Here's a few pictures from the Hero Set.

Hero Set: back view
Hero Set: closer view

The Hero Set features Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Pilot uniform, Ben Kenobi and Han Solo. Given the existing availability of some of the action figures bundled with these sets. you may end up with multiple figures! In fact, we would have preferred limited edition figures included with these sets. However, given the prices of individual Vintage Collection figures, the prices on these sets are very appealing. Grab them before they sell out!

Ben Kenobi: closer view

May 16, 2011

iPhone Tips: Delete Files, Multitasking and More

The iPhone can be an easy device to use but the occasional issue will sometimes occur. Problems like apps being unresponsive can be quite a chore to deal with, especially if you’re on a call at the same time.  No matter how many times you begin to tap, the app just won’t respond and you’re forced to reboot your phone. Here are simple tips that will help your iPhone experience more enjoyable and less stressful:

1. Quit Unresponsive Apps

Locate the unresponsive app which is usually on the left 
Simply double click the home button to bring up the unresponsive app. Press the unresponsive app icon until the red minus symbol appears with it. Quit the unresponsive by pressing the minus sign.

Press the minus symbol and the unresponsive app is terminated for the current session
2. Clear Space on your Device

Find the media file you want to delete
The great convenience of having iTunes installed is the ease of being able to download content straight from Apple’s service. Sometimes too much media whether it be movies or television shows can fill up your device.  If you’re using the 16 GB version, you can run out of space quickly. Fortunately, Apple provides an easy way to create space by removing media from your device. Of course this tip is based on the assumption that you’ve backed up your media and purchases already.

Open up the iPod app and locate the videos section. Swipe on a particular media file but we suggest deleting movies since they can take up to 2 GB of space (HD movies may consume more space). Tap the delete button and the file is removed from your device.

A swipe will erase the file from your device
3. Location Services

Location Services
Prevent unwanted tracking by your apps by turning off Location Services for those particular ones.  While it's necessary to have certain apps know your location like Google Maps and Yelp!, go to the Settings icon and then Location Services. Choose which apps you don't want tracking you.

4. Multitasking

Home Screen Multitasking
You don't have to quit the current App you're using just to use another app. You can quickly switch to a different app by pressing the Home button on a main screen. Swipe the icons to find the app that you want. 

These tips should work on any iPhone, iPod and iPad running the most current iOS for that device. It is advised that you backup your device first before performing these suggestions.

May 6, 2011

Green Lantern Movie: Looking Ahead

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Should the Green Lantern movie become a huge success at the box office, what story lines could possibly be utilized in case a trilogy gets the um, green light? We'd like to think Ryan Reynolds can bring in the audience, especially those (meaning the general public) who have no clue of the vast history and potential of the Green Lantern comics.

What's funny is that we've always considered Green Lantern comics to be the center of the universe in which Batman and Superman reside in.  Stories like "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and "Blackest Night" originated from the Green Lantern mythos. As for the trilogy, here's some possibilities that we'd like to see.
1. Manhunters

Manhunters and the Guardians (courtesy DC Comics)

 They were the original police force of the Guardians of the Universe before the Green Lantern Corps was established. These robots were to programmed to defend the galaxy from evil. Unfortunately, sometime afterwards, the Manhunters original programming became corrupt. Through their own developing consciousness, they began to question their duties and eventually rebelled against their masters, the Guardians. The Manhunters were eventually defeated after a failed attempt to destroy the Guardians on their home planet of Oa and the remaining few hid in seclusion.

Having those remaining few Manhunters rebuild their legion and then seek revenge and attack the GLC and the Guardians would make for interesting sequel. Let's see if they can get this done. I can already imagine an interstellar battle between these two forces!

2. Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire (courtesy DC Comics)

Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan have a relationship as established in the Green Lantern comics. This relationship is complicated due to Ferris owning the company where Jordan works at and that as Star Sapphire, she is sent to destroy Jordan's Green Lantern alter ego.  Eventually they battle it out through the years. Jordan ends up dating another character, his copilot, Jillian Pearlman. Think of the drama potential here!


Given the emotional aspect of this storyline, we'd definitely think this would round out the trilogy.

Transformers: Wheeljack

The Autobots resident mechanic and all-around nice guy Wheeljack.

Wheeljack was the AutbBot/Transformer that always seemed to be the guy who could fix stuff and make stuff. All in all, he was the nerd of the Autobots. Is it me, or did this guy NEVER transform? Hmm…He didn't have a mouth either. When he talked, his ears blinked. Not exactly the greatest guy to score for a blind date. However, Wheeljack was responsible for creating the DinoBots, and even the Aerial Bots to boot. He played a key part in nearly every episode he was in. So you gotta give him some love, yo.

Wheeljack and Bumblebee (courtesy Hasbro)
Unfortunately, for the large role Wheeljack played in the series, he was one of the many characters sadly killed off in Transformers: The Movie. To add insult to injury, his death wasn't even really shown or explained. All we see is a quick frame of his lifeless metal corpse lying next to another dying Autobot being dragged along by Arcee, Hot Rod's semi-girlfriend.
Wheeljack Transformers Generations
Here's to you Wheeljack!

Images copyright Hasbro