July 21, 2011

End of The iPod?

Has the iPod user base finally reached saturation? Is Apple's iconic post-pc device's inevitable end coming soon?

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Apple recently reported it's 2011 Third Quarter Earnings and sales of the iPod line (Shuffle, Nano and Touch) were not impressive. Sales were down 20 percent, as multifunctional devices like the iPhone and iPad dominated most consumer's choices for media enjoyment. Consumers probably felt the need to refrain from purchasing a separate device for music and video when the iPhone can handle all those tasks as well.  The iPod Touch which is the high end model of the line, is no slouch. Packed with the same A4 processor in the iPhone 4, the Touch model also features a rear camera that records HD video, a front camera for FaceTime video calls and the same high resolution Retina Display screen.

Despite having all those features, Apple's stand-alone media players are declining in sales. Apple could just remove the other lower end models and continue with the Touch at a discounted price. Furthermore, while lowering it's price, it could increase the device's storage capacity as well. It's days may be numbered, but the library of games, the video calling feature and of course, the ability to play music, still makes the iPod a great device.

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