April 6, 2012

X-Men: Storm

It's amazing how many changes costume-wise and especially appearances, a character goes through over the years. While there may be some fan backlash on social networking sites for fan favorites such as Power Girl in her Earth-2 series outfit, the same hasn't been said for Storm, the revered member and former leader of the X-Men.

Alexandra Shipp as young Storm
On the big screen, fans finally got to see her rock her famous mohawk look, in the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse film. Generations have been used to Halle Berry's portrayal of the mutant but we were definitely treated to Alexandra Shipp's portrayal of young Ororo Munroe. It should be noted that only Kitty Pryde gave her disapproval of Storm's drastic new look when Storm revealed it, to the entire team.

Halle Berry as Storm

Marvel Comics' TJ Dietsch highlights some of her spectacular costumes during the past few decades. In fact, her biggest change came during the 1980s right after initial appearance. Capitalizing on the waning punk rock and new wave movement at the time, Storm sported a mohawk! Here's a look at the weather wonder woman over the years and to her style in the Marvel NOW X-Men series:

Original appearance (left) and later drastic change (right)

Her Marvel NOW look (on the right)

Images copyright Marvel Comics

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