July 27, 2011

iPhone 5 Rumors

Increasing speculation of Apple launching an iPhone 5 handset later this year wouldn't be too surprising given that it may coincide with the iOS 5 operating system launch. It may not even be a whole new model but rather an "iPhone 4S" model and merely a simple spec bump.

Hardware wise, the current model is great despite the degradation of signal/reception quality when the phone is held a certain way. Perhaps the next iPhone will undergo a total hardware makeover. The glass back was problematic with slider cases. Specks could easily scratch or completely damage the glass while inserting or removing the iPhone 4 from a slider case.  Rumored design changes include the complete removal of the home button with the addition of a gesture area and a possible return to the curved back style of the current iPod Touch as well as  previous models.

Of course, this is all speculation and we won't know until after an official announcement from Apple. What makes me hopeful is my current contract's expiration which just so happens to be in the fall as well. When the iPhone 4 was about to released, my carrier bumped my contract termination date closer to the usual June release date. I can't say it's a coincidence but with the launch of iOS 5 and the timing of my contract, these factors lend some credence to the rumors of an iPhone 5 later this year.

See you in line perhaps?

By Michael V.

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