August 1, 2011

Matrix Prequel?

It's been awhile since we last saw Neo, Morpheus and the rest of the gang in action. Will they ever return to the big screen?

Like most fans, many of us were disappointed with the final film, Matrix Revolutions, of the Matrix trilogy. There was just something so lacking about the way the movie ended, not to mention the subpar final fight scenes between Neo and Agent Smith. Suffice to say, there were many groans in the audience at the ending of Reloaded too, when we watched the midnight premiere. Reloaded had amazing trailers, if you recall, featuring the agents battling the resistance, on top of cars! That's what got many of us excited for the sequel!

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Perhaps the Wachowswki Brothers could bring back the franchise one more time but go into a different direction altogether. Take a page from George Lucas and instead of sequels, how about giving us more stories about the beginnings of the Matrix storyline? The Animatrix movie, which was a collection of animated short stories, touched upon some of the early days of the war between the humans and the machines. These prequels could simply expand upon these elements and other loose ends like:

Show us the previous lives of the main characters.  Give us more background on young Neo like and his computing adventures. How did Trinity and how she cracked the IRS database? Perhaps enlighten us on how Morpheus joined the resistance against the machines? Bring in new actors and actresses if necessary.

The Machines
Highlight on the machines taking over Earth. This was shown briefly in the "Second Renaissance" movies of the Animatrix collection. We'd like to see the violent actions against the machines, their subsequent uprisings and the brutal wars that followed.


The Matrix
Delve deeper into the details about the Matrix itself. Depict how it was ultimately created by the Architect, as well as it's beginnings, as shown in the "Second Renaissance". Furthermore at the conclusion of "Second Renaissance, who was that woman watching over Neo's chamber, was that the Oracle?

Hopefully, these suggestions can enlighten the Wachowskis and Warner Bros. into getting this franchise back on the big screen one more time. 

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