October 13, 2011

Crackle for iPhone Review

UPDATE: Since our initial review, the Crackle app now supports AirPlay streaming straight to your Apple TV 2 model. Enjoy!

Who doesn’t like free movies and television shows? Crackle offers users the ability to stream movies and television shows. Granted, the selection is quite limited and that most of the movies aren’t new releases either. Despite these minor hindrances to your viewing, I found the app to be quite enjoyable. However, there is another annoyance that viewers may not like either.


Depending on your tastes, the movies offered as of this writing such as “Resident Evil”, “The Grudge 3” and “Pineapple Express” may only appeal to a limited audience. You’ll find hits like “A Few Good Men” tucked in there as well. If you’re stuck in an airport somewhere wanting to kill time, you may find these movies quite enjoyable!

Resident Evil featured movie
The TV show selections are varied as well and you will find some good choices like “Dexter”, “All in The Family”, “Married With Children”, “Seinfeld” and much more. The selection ranges from classic shows from the past to more recent programming. Some offer full seasons as well and short selected clips called “Minisodes”. Additional, you will also find anime shows and cartoons like “Blood+”, “Jackie Chan Adventures” and “Galaxy Express 999”. Perhaps we can expect further additions to the library in time.

A variety of television shows awaits
The interface is simple, easy to use and you’ll be enjoying your selection in no time. As you launch the app, featured movies will be on display and you simply choose from the menu below for your viewing selections. As of this review, the app doesn’t support AirPlay, which is the ability to stream to your Apple TV. Furthermore, advertisements are pervasive but not too annoying.

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While the app doesn’t offer much depth as far as content selection, the movie offerings, which update frequently and the tremendous plethora of television shows both past and present, should satisfy most viewers. You won’t find the latest releases on home video, but then the choices are adequate, if you just want to watch something.

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