November 30, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 20

Will Daredevil survive his dilemma against the villain Coyote? Find out in the most strangest issue Mark Waid has delivered!

As if things couldn't get any more weirder than it already has for our hero, during his capture at the hands of The Coyote, the villain reveals all! Combining elements of today's social issues with this storyline is masterfully done by Waid.  Despite Daredevils struggles in Latveria, Waid dishes an even tougher situation for our hero to climb out of, in this issue. Through artist Chris Samnee's riveting artwork, Waid characterizes the vile nature of The Coyote's criminal activities. Trust me, some scenes can get very graphic with the detail so be warned with this issue!

Our hero does seem to be triumphant over his captor and almost gains the upper hand! Alas, Waid has more in store for Daredevil though! An over-the-top and riveting origin story that will leave readers shocked sums up Daredevil issue 20. If you thought you knew all about the villain Spot, way back in issue 1, then be prepared to be surprised for what Waid has in store with his fate as well! Kudos to Javier Rodriguez's fantastic color work, making every page pop with life!

Final Verdict: A

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