November 17, 2011

New 52: Wonder Woman Issue No. 3 Review

The truth comes out as Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons bares all about her love affair with Zeus. Did Wonder Woman take the news with ease? Hardly. The origin of Wonder Woman continues in this issue!

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To say that issue no 3. of the new Wonder Woman series was full of emotion, is an understatement. After Strife's shocking revelation about the identity of Wonder Woman's father last issue, Queen Hippolyta is forced to finally reveal why it was a secret in the first place. They all plead to Diana Prince, that it was for her own safety that her father's identity not be known, as someone was sure to kill her after birth. Resentment towards Wonder Woman is also brewing amongst one of the Amazons. This leads to a confrontation later at a funeral for the fallen Amazons, who died fighting each other due to Strife's machinations in the previous isse. Afterwards, Wonder Woman makes a stunning announcement involving her further role in Paradise Island.

Overall, the emotional weight of this issue, makes up for the lack of action. I have mixed feelings about her origin but will have to accept it. Cliff Chiang's artwork will continue to amaze you as he does some incredible work here.

The Good: Great artwork and perhaps this issue will wrap up her origin story.

The Bad: It's the same story but is dragging on. Time to move on to new stories and new villains.

Final Verdict: B

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