February 18, 2013

Batman Incorporated: Ellie

Another background character makes their return in the pages of Batman, Incorporated. What key role does a former prostitute turned receptionist, have for the Dark Knight's future?

If you read Batman, Incorporated issue 7, you may have caught the appearance of a character named Ellie. Fans of writer Grant Morrison's epic Batman saga, will recall that Ellie was once a prostitute that Batman encounteredduring events relating to the "Three Ghosts of Batman" storyline. Batman offers Ellie a chance to escape the streets with a job at WayneTech.

Batman 664 and 665: Batman offers Ellie a chance on a new life

After his skirmish with Dr. Hurt and The Black Glove, the reformed young lady is one of the first people to greet Batman. Ellie is later seen in the pre-New 52 Batman, Incorporated series in issue 6 "Nyktomorph", in a brief cameo as a receptionist.

Batman 701: Ellie greets Batman

It's not until issue 7 of the current Batman, Incorporated series that we see Ellie again, running away from the forces of Leviathan as they enact a takeover of Gotham. 

Batman, Incorporated Issue 7: Ellie caught in the battle

How she will impact the storyline for Batman, Incorporated is a mystery but it is quite known through her past that she does have connections to the illicit elements of the criminal underworld. Could these criminal connections help turn the tide in Gotham as the city wrestles for control from Leviathan sleeper agents? Will Ellie return the favor and rescue the Dark Knight from Talia's clutches, just like when he gave her a new lease on life? Morrison featured her in two pages in issue 7, so the character might have a tremendous role in the war between Batman, Incorporated and Leviathan.

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  1. You missed the previous Ellie-- she was a receptionist in the Waynetech building already when Bruce was unveiling his robot army.

    1. Actually, we mentioned it right before the Batman 701 picture. Last line.