June 30, 2012

Review: American Vampire Issue 28

On the run and hounded by those who seek revenge, our girl Pearl has no choice but to turn to The Vassals of The Morning Star organization for help. Pearl is in for a surprise though when the organization requests a favor in return, with a twist!

American Vampire issue 28 starts the new storyline "Blacklist" by the same venerable team of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. Set in the mid-1950s during the Communism scare and witchhunts, the latest storyline has Pearl and dying husband Henry, at their last wits. After being attacked by vampires left and right, even in a hospital where Henry is being treated, Calvin Poole offers a staggering suggestion for her. It's a wrenching decision for Pearl but she has no choice but to request for help from the VMS.

Later at VMS headquarters high above Los Angeles, in the depths of the Griffith Observatory, Pearl is asked to do something in return for the care of Henry. As explained to her, the vampire who attacked Henry, is part of a larger group hiding in Los Angeles. In exchange for the care and well being of Henry, Pearl and her partner, none other than Skinner Sweet himself, must eradicate them! VMS has already lost a few agents to these creatures and Pearl has no choice but to undertake this mission!

Snyder does a magnificient job of portraying Pearl and her anguish in both Henry's condition, as well as accepting the mission from VMS. For now, the adventure is ahead for both Pearl and Skinner, but Snyder has thrown in a lot of action and emotion in this storyline debut. Albuquerque's art is breathtaking as always. Be sure to pick up the variant cover by Greg Capullo pictured above.

Final Verdict: A

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