December 11, 2011

Batman Arkham City Lockdown for iPhone Review

UPDATE: The Harley Quinn level is now available!

Epic Games finally brings the Dark Knight's adventures to the iPhone and iPad. Is the game up to par with other iOS games like Infinity Blade, before it? Furthermore, can it match the hype and intensity of its console brethren?

If Epic Games' Infinity Blade set the bar for 3-D gaming on the iPhone then Batman Arkham city lockdown raises that bar once again. On the heels of the Arkham City release for gaming consoles, Epic Games and Warner Bros. interactive have unleashed Batman Arkham City Lockdown for iOS mobile gamers. If you've enjoyed Infinity Blade, then the gameplay shouldn't be any different. Powered by the same Unreal Engine, instead of lush environments as featured in Infinity Blade, we get the same dark and dreary tones established way back in Arkham Asylum and in Arkham City.  Your task once again, is that the Dark Knight has round up the escaped criminals from Arkham once again.  You'd think they'd built a better lock!

Gameplay is simple, with just the use of swiping to launch attack moves, it's not anything different from iOS gamers are used to. Follow the examples provided in the tutorial though, so that you can learn the combination moves.  It saves you time in that Batman can defeat his opponents much quicker and faster.  Furthermore, practice your deflection moves to block and counter attacks.  The most important aspect of the combat is timing. It's essential to perform your moves, ducking or punching, at the appropriate time.  Moreover, we would also remind you to keep Batman "healthy" throughout all the fighting because it's easy to forget this aspect, during the intense gameplay.

Only one camera view and angle is provided but you'll get the gist of the action. Each level features a main boss that you have to defeat before moving on to the next round. The fighting can get repetitive at times and we had hoped for more variety with some character graphics and designs. You can unlock or purchase additional Batman costumes to use.  Examples include the Batman: Animated Series and Batman Beyond attire.  Rack enough points in the game to increase your fighting abilities, WayneTech goodies such as extra body armor, smoke-pellets and other items as well.  Other extras include wallpapers and access to digital comics.

Overall, we highly recommend this universal app which can be played on the iPad or iPhone or even iPod.  Gorgeous graphics powered by the Unreal Engine and simplistic game play really make this app a winner.  Oh and you get a bunch of amazing extras with it too.

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