June 12, 2012

Review: Defenders Issue 5

The Defenders head to the watery depths as Namor makes a startling discovery that relates to The Concordance Engine. However, the storyline also touches upon Namor's past as well, as another strange discovery is made. Defenders issue 5 is another excellent read by writer Matt Fraction.

Namor summons Dr. Strange and the team after finding a connection to the Concordance Engine in Strange's home. Deep in the sea, the Defenders are directed to a doorway with markings similar to the Concordance Engine design. No sooner as they open it though, the team is suddenly attacked all around by the inhabitants of the tomb, beings known as the 99 Daughters of Pontus! Namor ends the fray and allows them to escape. Big mistake? The answer is revealed in the ending of the story.

Dr. Strange and company also find the Nautilus ship once used by Captain Nemo.  Not a replica but the actual ship itself.  This just brings back uncomfortable feelings for Namor of course.  More discoveries are found before Danny Rand secures to lift the ship to safety.  Later Namor contemplates his "mistake" in allowing his adversaries escape earlier.

Silver Surfer blasts open the tomb!

Overall, Defenders issue 5 is another superb book by writer Matt Fraction and the artwork of Mitch Breitweiser. Namor does come out to be quite pompous in this issue but the childhood flashback scenes certainly tug at the heartstrings.

Final Verdict: A

Also available is the Defenders issue 5 variant cover by Walter Simonson: 

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