July 12, 2012

Review: Before Watchmen Minutemen Issue 2

The turning point of the miniseries starts here! Issue 2 offers a deeper and more sinister look into the lives of the team. Writer and artist Darwyn Cooke takes us behind the curtain of the famed super-group!

To say that Minutemen issue 2 had so many shocking revelations would just be putting it mildly. Cooke throws in so many shocking subplots of the Minutemen within this storyline that you just can't simply put it down. There is no stone left unturned here as the lives of the team are brought to light, portraying them as far different and inexperienced from what the public knows about them. One of the team's first missions is depicted here and it can be summed up as a complete disaster, despite having the best intentions. Hollis Mason again provides a look back to these dark times. It's a wonder he stayed with the team for so long and endured so much!

Cooke's focus on minor character The Silhouette seems rather intriguing and usual given the limited information we had of her back in the original miniseries. His depiction of her is a departure as well from Alan Moore's short portrayal. Perhaps there is a turning point for the Silhouette that Cooke has yet to showcase but for now, her character is on point with Nite Owl, as one of my favorites.

Issue 2 is quite bleak with some it's themes and subplots, in which we only caught a glimpse of, in the debut issue. Cooke's riveting work will keep you hooked for more, as his exploration of the Minutemen continues. It's a dark odyssey through the memories of Hollis Mason as well, as we witness the super team which once had promise, completely begin it's spiraling descent with dark secrets in tow.

Final Verdict: A 

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