September 24, 2012

Review: Before Watchmen Nite Owl Issue 3

All of a sudden, another member of The Watchmen, gains unnecessary attention in this issue, as writer J. Michael Straczynski takes the series beyond the scope of Dan Dreiberg's origin story and early adventures.

Nite Owl had been one of my favorite series of DC Comics' "Before Watchmen" initiative.  Many of us can relate to Dreiberg's loner character as opposed to contrasting teammates Rorschach and Ozymandias. Dreighberg seemed like the normal one with the ideals of justice and honor that we value. He was the nice guy that probably always finished last.

So my anticipation for Straczynski's version of his past was satisfied with the first two issues. Unfortunately things changed for the worse in the third issue.

My big gripe with issue three is the continuing focus on Rorschach too. Yes, of course they were partners but this is going beyond shining the light on the duo and building subplots with another character altogether.  Let's keep it on Dreiberg and not veer into a totally different direction. [SPOILER START] I also take odds to Dreighberg's personal life and the larger role, Twilight Lady is playing in it. [SPOILER FINISH] Certain scenes in issue 3 cheapen the romance with Laurie Jupiter in the original Watchmen miniseries.

I wished Straczynski had also gone in a different direction with this aspect of Dreiberg's past and leave it at unrequited love with The Twilight Lady.

Final Verdict: C

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