July 23, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 15

The Man Without Fear's Latverian odyssey concludes here but some of the effects may still linger on! A friend comes to his aid as Daredevil makes his impossible escape!

Writer Mark Waid's two-part Latverian adventure and take-the-hero-out-of-his-element scenario has been entertaining. Waid almost reduces Daredevil's main abilities here and his reliance on these aspects to function. Despite being a short storyline from last issue, the dire predicament our hero has been put through, is on par with the works of Frank Miller. Waid amazingly portrays Matt Murdock's nature to fight on after reaching the most lowest of depths, mentally and physically anyone could ever face. Let's face it, horn head probably would not have survived this out of town skirmish, if not for some quick thinking and help from an Avenger.
This book is so complete with wonderful art and special effects from Chris Samnee, followed by the vibrant colors from Javier Rodriguez. There are several panels here that just dazzle with so much goodness. Again, issue 15 is another great tale from Waid, showcasing the struggles of a hero to survive and fight on. It's an adrenalin packed issue that carries on it's main theme until the ending!

Final Verdict: A

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