November 28, 2012

Review: Batman, Incorporated Issue 5

Travel to the future once more, with Damian Wayne assuming the role of The Dark Knight! What's in store for him and Gotham City this time around? 

The clock is unfortunately ticking ever closer to Grant Morrison's final issue on Batman, Incorporated and anything else Batman-related for that matter but for now, let's enjoy it while we still can. Sadly, Batman Incorporated issue 5 is quite bleak with it's portrayal of Damian Wayne as Batman again. Readers will recall the first glimpse of Damian as The Dark Knight way back in Batman issue 666, fighting Dollotrons and the last of the "Three Ghosts of Batman". This time around, The Joker unseen and presumed dead, exacts his final revenge on Gotham by ravaging it's citizens with his Joker poison strain.

Chaos and destruction ensue with Batman and the remaining survivors holed up in Arkham Asylum. One of those survivors happens to be Commissioner Barbara a wheelchair, reprising her role as well. Of course continuity be damned, it seems Morrison has been allowed to portray Ms. Gordon in her original pre-New 52 state!

It should be noted, that Ms. Gordon's appearance isn't the only one leftover from the pre-New 52 continuity. You'll find villain Jackanapes as well as a very notable one, making random cameos. I won't reveal the other villain's name but he did cause Batman, a lot of HURT back then with his GLOVE! A sad story exemplifies Batman, Incorporated issue 5, but Morrison ends the issue brilliantly with a cliffhanger ending! Though admittedly, some readers may be horrified at the conclusion too! Artist Chris Burnham delivers a superb portrayal of "Future Damian", just as good as Andy Kubert originally did, way back in issue 666. Stunning and vibrant color work round out another spectacular issue with poor little Damian caught in the middle once again!

The Good: A powerful story with memorable character appearances from stories past.

The Bad: Very bleak outlook for Damian. Poor little guy!

Final Verdict: A

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