July 19, 2012

Review: Wonder Woman Issue 11

The battle for Zeus' throne continues as another one of his children strikes a deal to claim it. Wonder Woman of course is there to stop him or will she?

Writer Brian Azzarello's continuing storyline involving the battle for Zeus's abandoned throne continues.  In issue 11, Azzarello makes it clear that even his own son Apollo wants to rise to power as well, as a dark deal is struck. Family strife is of course nothing new in mythology and Azzarello interestingly uses this concept as a good focal point for his current arc in Wonder Woman. Here he brilliantly showcases the Gods and deities just as power-hungry as their human subjects, in a constant struggle for control. Furthermore, as this storyline continues it also begs the question where is Zeus? Azzarello's introduction of the character will be grand and unforgettable to say the least as he has kept readers on edge, issue after issue with all parties vying for the throne, wondering where he is!

Cliff Chiang once again returns with his artistic duties and this issue also sees the debut of other deities wonderfully done by the artist. Wonder Woman readers have been treated to some phenomenal and distinct interpretations of these mythological Gods and issue 11 doesn't disappoint! Additionally, Azzarello throws in a great mix of drama, witty dialogue (especially Zola's in this particular issue!) and action with another cliffhanger ending. One thing that makes his writing amazing is that Azzarello is pretty on target with his cliffhanger endings! Azzarello doesn't overwhelm readers with too much dialogue and certainly lets the action packed panels by Chiang speak for itself as readers will joyfully enjoy with this issue!

Final Verdict: A

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