August 22, 2012

Justice League Issue 12: Superman and Wonder Woman

With the New 52 reboot of the DC Universe, certain aspects of our beloved characters, were eliminated. We saw The Flash and Iris Allen being separated and unaware of their past relationship as was the case with Superman and Lois Lane also. Now with Entertainment Weekly's cover reveal for Justice League issue 12, we know who the special lady in Superman's life will be.

While the impending romance between Superman and Wonder Woman has always been hinted at in previous eras, such as when John Byrne and George Perez tackled the situation, it's never been completely consummated. Until now perhaps. I commend DC Comics for going in this bold direction but it doesn't feel the same without Lois being the one true love for the Man of Steel. Maybe this is DC's way of breaking from the past or perhaps another gimmick that will be forgotten. Time and the readership will ultimately decide.

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Via Entertainment Weekly, Comic Vine

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