August 6, 2012

Review: Before Watchmen Nite Owl Issue 2

A guest appearance by Rorschach highlights another grim chapter in Nite Owl's career. How does a mysterious yet seductive stranger fit into his future though?

Last month's debut of Before Watchmen's Nite Owl issue 1, was bittersweet to say the least, with the talents of the Kubert clan (Joe and son Andy) along with writer J. Michael Straczynski helming the early years of Daniel Dreiberg's tragic upbringing and eventual rise into a superhero.  The creative team gave us a dark chapter in Dreiberg's youth that may or may not have directed the daring Dreiberg's role as a vigilante. Straczynski has so far carefully portrayed the curious Dreiberg whose early intelligence and perserverance have often landed him into interesting situations, good and bad. Moreover, Straczynski has shown us a different side of Nite Owl II, that of being more adventurous and perhaps not too concerned with his safety, differeing than his quite reserved personality, in the original miniseries.

In issue 2, at an undisclosed period of their hallowed team-ups, we finally witness some early adventures of Dreiberg and Rorschach. The tone of the what Straczynski offers readers is quite dark and explicit, not like the subtleties of their fabled pairing, briefly hinted in the original miniseries. Rorschach gets an impressive feature in this issue as well, as we further explore the uneasy chemistry and partnership both he and Dreiberg had to experience. Straczynski has elevated the childhood trauma Dreighberg endures as well, almost placing him on the same level with Rorschach. Both are so determined though, in their crime fighting careers, filled with their own sense of unwavering justice that shines throughout and all you want to do is scream for more of this dynamic duo! Straczynski has captured the essence of their adventures against the seedy underworld, so well. The Kubert clan give us a great reenactment of the time period, thanks in part to Joe Kubert's superb inking work, adding to the tone of the miniseries so far. Lastly, Straczynski focuses on The Twilight Lady character, as the audience gets an initial understanding of this mysterious woman.

Final Verdict: A

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