August 7, 2012

Review: Hawkeye Issue 1

Fans looking for menacing super villains and galactic threats will be disappointed with Clint Barton's new solo series, written by Matt Fraction with art by David Aja. The reunion of the famed Iron Fist series creative team transports readers to urban confines instead of exciting locales, with the new Hawkeye issue 1. Fraction's exploration of Barton's heroic ideals is the focus of this debut issue as readers get an understand of what Barton is all about and what makes him tick. Leave the mythical threats for the movies, you'll enjoy this first issue.

It's the hard-ass do-gooder attitude of Barton that really enamored me with Fraction's amazing story. Barton's generosity is unbelievable as he rescues his neighbors from a financial dilemma. No, not the threat of The Skrulls or The Phoenix Force but something more simple like oh say, extortion. While Fraction's depiction of Barton comes off with him being too arrogant and at times, way over his head and dependent on his Avengers relationship, once you you realize who he's fighting for, the downtrodden and the weak, you get a clearer picture of what drives Barton. He doesn't even use any of his trick arrows at all!

David Aja's work here is simply quite beautiful. What truly shines for me, is the way he captures the backgrounds and secondary characters (like Barton's neighbors). You'll be amazed with his contemporary style reminiscent of David Mazzuchelli's fine work in Batman: Year One. However, Aja's work stands on it's on here, is brilliantly remarkable with simple panels capturing the intense action. The first panel alone is quite thrilling.

Final Verdict: A

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