August 29, 2012

Review: NIKE + Running App for iPhone

An updated user interface layered with graphic friendly buttons and menus, secures the NIKE+ Running app as one of the best apps around. Bundled with more features and social networking sharing capabilities, your exercise routine will never be the same.

When we first reviewed the app awhile back, it was already a winner in our book, as one of the few have apps on your iPhone. The app with it's settings can capture your running schedule and respond with what your results after your routine. A recent update has revamped the old look and feel, giving it a more colorful and "infographic" look for the app. Which isn't necessarily a negative as bigger onscreen buttons are a welcome addition and a great departure from the old look. New social media sharing connectivity for sites like Facebook and Twitter, gives your friends and family an insight into your running regimen. Of course, you can still turn off these functions but why deny the world, the hard work and effort you put into getting in shape?

Furthermore, other new features include statistical charts and graphics detailing all of your runs and the ability to add what particular shoe you're using. NIKE+ Running still ranks as one of the best and most useful apps for the longhaul on your iPhone.

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