August 27, 2012

Review: Supercrooks Issue 4

Will Johnny Bolt succeed in his attempt to steal from the richest super villain? What lies ahead for his team and his love in this  unimaginable heist? Find out as the miniseries reaches it's stunning conclusion!

Writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Yu's epic miniseries arrives with it's final issue, with a bang! The storyline which has focused on down-on-his-luck supervillain, Johnny Bolt, helping another friend out, has been masterfully intriguing. Millar has weaved a tale with extremely likeable characters with protagonist Bolt being one of them. It hasn't been easy not to cheer on Bolt despite his criminal past. However, Millar didn't exactly equate Bolt's vile and illegal activities to that of say, The Joker. Throughout these four issues, Millar has depicted a character and his team, with a bit of sympathy, making them more appealing and plausible for readers. The plot of helping his friend Carmine out of some financial difficulties with other ominous criminal elements, has certainly added to my pleasure of rooting for Johnny and his team. Millar has an interesting bit of scenes involving Carmine again, in the final issue, which will way make readers chuckle and say "here we go again"!

In issue 4 of Supercrooks, the climatic heist is underway and we truly get an understanding of the team's powers. The Bastard, our antagonist, has a fully secured vault for his riches, armed with guards and high tech security. Adding to the tension that Millar presents, is capture of Bolt's girlfriend who is certain to face death as she is supposedly incapacitated from using her mental powers (another Millar story twist here!) by The Bastard's right hand man, Praetorian and another minion. Millar has many magnificent twists and surprises during the last scenes of the heist itself. However, it's the climatic ending that will leave readers with many "gotcha" moments. Leinil Yu's artwork has been superb throughout all four issues and again, his hazy style fits the story perfectly. Issue 4 does have it's gory moments and Yu gracefully captures each striking panel. It's sad to see a wonderful miniseries like this end but readers will not be disappointed with it's magnificent finale.

Final verdict: A

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