October 25, 2012

Review: Batman Incorporated Issue 4

Captured by the assassin Goat Boy from the previous issue, how does Bruce Wayne survive this dilemma? The secret identity of the new Wingman is also revealed!

When we last left Bruce Wayne and team in issue 3, Damian Wayne was about to rescue his dad from the clutches of Leviathan and Goatboy. Damian took on the new identity of Redbird and brought it upon himself to take on Leviathan's forces without the aid of the Batman Incorporated team. Little did he know and much to our surprise, writer Grant Morrison had something completely different in mind for readers and little Damian. 

Issue 4 finally sees most of the team in action and boy was it ever a treat! After months of globe-trotting and team-building, Morrison showcases the various pieces that make up Batman, Incorporated taking on the very forces they were recruited for. You won't see all and perhaps Morrison is saving the moment for another day but Batman Incorporated shouldn't pass seeing, Nightwing, Gaucho and The Hood in action, in the New 52 setting. 

Readers are in for a few more surprises in issue 4 as well, with the shocking revelation of Wingman's identity. The original Wingman was killed during a reunion with the Club of Heroes, in the "Black Glove" storyline. Morrison quietly revealed that a new Wingman was recruited, tantalizing readers on who it could possibly be. Morrison throws in an emotional ending, which could easily end the war between Leviathan and Batman, Incorporated. Of course, the answer to this conflict has always been obvious but then again, that would've ended the series, a lot sooner. It's an interesting plot point by Morrison, which hints to the inevitable end of his run on this title. 

Artist Chris Burnham delivers his superb work as always and I've grown quite fond of his own unique look for Damian.  While Andy Kubert has always defined the spoiled, arrogant look for Bruce and Talia's offspring, there's a certain cute touch that Burnham adds to Damian, while retaining the very same headstrong traits for the youngster. You'll enjoy some of his panel work that goes beyond the strict box format and style. 

Final Verdict: A

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