October 23, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 19

A big revelation is on hand, as writer Mark Waid unveils the villain responsible for all the physical and emotional distress, Daredevil has had to encounter lately! It's an unlikely reveal though but still shocking regardless!

Writer Mark Waid takes Daredevil readers full circle with the story in Daredevil issue 19. Waid has thoroughly ruined Matt Murdock's relationships on the professional and personal side but our hero still manages to persevere! I think that's the allure of Daredevil that despite his handicap, he's still resilient. At the same time, he's not too proud in asking other costumed adventurers for help. While the cover doesn't necessarily reveal the true identity of the person causing all the personal grief, it does give hints on who it is. Yes, it is someone Daredevil encountered before during Waid's early run. I'll leave it at that as the climactic ending provides the shocking details.

Daredevil issue 19 is another action-packed and emotional story as Waid could brilliantly write. You can just feel the toll and anguish in the conversations between Foggy and Kirsten as they discuss Murdock's descent into madness or is it? Coupled with Chris Samnee's relentless artwork and the powerful color work by Javier Rodriguez, though some scenes appeared too dark for with the colors, issue 19 is another amazing offering from the creative team. Issue 19 is not to be missed for it's shocking outcome!

Final Verdict: A

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