November 6, 2012

Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill

Writer Len Wein and artist Steve Rude, bring their creative talents together to craft the tale of the least known Minutemen character, Dollar Bill.  Will you buy this one-shot offering, due out in January 2013?

As the Before Watchmen initiative continues, DC Comics announced another title that plans to depict the story of Minutemen teammate, Dollar Bill.  For those who don't remember Dollar Bill, he had brief appearances during the original Watchmen.  Riding the wave of costumed heroes at that era, he was employed by a bank and wore a costume.  He died a truly tragic death during a bank heist, when his cape got tangled in a revolving door and was shot by bank robbers.


Since little is known of this character, the doors are wide open for Wein and Rude to embellish what they want about him.  Of course, if you don't know who Len Wein is, he just happens to be one of the creators of two well-known and enduring comics characters today, Swamp Thing and Wolverine. I understand that critics will deride this, as well as the entire Before Watchmen initiative, as a cash grab. However, the series is not without some true gems such as Darwyn Cooke's Minutemen miniseries. Having Len Wein helm a story of this nature along with the beautiful work by Steve Rude, isn't such a bad idea

Images via DC Comics

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