November 29, 2012

Review: Fairest Issue 9

Rapunzel's traumatic journey into her past continues. What terrors and tragedies have made their way back into her life now?

Writer Lauren Beukes flourishes Fairest issue 9 with a host of spiritual and mystical elements from Japan's past and fuses them into the Fables universe. Flashback scenes of Rapunzel's life in this kingdom are littered with the same magic, wonder and aura from Bill Willingham's own work, providing a great back story and buildup to current events, affecting our characters. It's striking tale of prejudice and fear with elements of evil that make up most of Rapunzel's history with the Fables from this part of the world.  Hopefully, Beukes will delve further into this chapter of Rapunzel's life as I have become certainly more intrigued by it!

However, it's not all doom and gloom, especially with Jack Horner around. It's safe to say his main bumbling purpose is to provide some relief from the dark elements unraveling with this storyline. Although readers may be shocked at what happens to poor Jack at the end! Beukes infuses a great balance of humor, history and a whole lot more with this issue. The past finally catches up again with Rapunzel and we're still just learning most of it! The end scenes deliver some shocking revelations involving one of Rapunzel's supposed allies! Artist Inaki Miranda provides some spectacular work capturing the flashback scenes with amazingly beautiful detail. His high-octane panels will dazzle you but unfortunately, some of the color work may have washed out some of the later scenes.

Another captivating issue not to be missed and be careful when your past comes knocking, you never know what trouble it may bring!

Final Verdict: A

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