December 5, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 7

Revelations abound all around as Khan plots revenge against Sloan. What discoveries will The Sandmen uncover? Watch as Hawkgirl battles Green Lantern!

Grieving for a loved one who has passed away certainly takes a toll on anyone. Pile on that grief to someone who just saved the world and it's an insurmountable burden! Earth 2 issue 7 covers that aspect as Green Lantern Alan Scott is confronted by Kendra Saunders, who has uncovered his identity. The moving scenes are written poignantly by James Robinson, depicting a still-traumatized Scott and the sad results of his grief. It's not hard for readers to understand Scott's decision to distance himself from Kendra's planned team formation. Great plot twist by Robinson to not rush the eventual creation of this Earth's Justice Society and allowing time for everyone to understand their current situations. After all, no one becomes a superhero overnight! Give the man some time to clear his head, Kendra! There's plenty of surprise revelations featuring new twists on classic characters (quite a wind gust of a revelation, so hang on for the surprise) and a followup to Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific angle, last seen in the first arc as captured by Sloan.  Don't count out Commander Khan as Robinson brews another subplot involving his revenge against Sloan!

Guest artist Yildiray Cinar provides some mind-blowing panels in this first of two issue pencil duties. His artwork is just simply a sight to behold and wonderfully unconventional, adding more depth to action scenes. Cinar adds a more detailed approach to the machinery and breathtaking global views featured in this issue.  Cinar's style complements regular artist Nicola Scott and the combination of both talents on future issues would be a joy!

Final Verdict: A

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