June 27, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 13

Captain Steel makes his thunderous debut at a price though. Find out what happens to our hero as he makes a stunning discovery!

Despite the cover art for Earth 2 issue 13 depicting Captain Steel, writer James Robinson adds in some further subplot regarding a certain Dark Knight Detective, who recently made his debut in the Earth 2 annual.  Nevertheless, readers are in for a treat with issue as Robinson shines the spotlight on Captain Steel and delves into his origin, with new changes. We discover how tragic Steel's story truly with the ultimate sacrifice his father made. Incidentally, our hero is in for surprise as well as Robinson crafts suspenseful story with devastating results at the end of this tale! Hawkgirl is also featured prominently again in this issue as she discovers some ominous new information and is in for than more she bargains for with her own adventure!

Artist Yildiray Cinar provides the fill-in work again and certainly doesn't disappoint. His panels capturing the scenes with Hawkgirl are indeed awesome to say the least. The truly eye-popping visuals are at the end though when he showcases the fate of Captain Steel! Robinson brings the best of the old and the new with issue 13, capping a year's worth of world-building stories and new characterizations for the Golden Age heroes. Seeing Captain Steel certainly will leave you wanting more of this character, despite what happens to him at the end! The cameo was nice but maybe not completely necessary with this brilliantly new portrayal of Captain Steel.

Final Verdict: A

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