June 28, 2013

Review: Hawkeye Issue 11

Perhaps one of the most ambitious and groundbreaking concepts yet, writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja present an interesting story seen through the eyes of "Pizza Dog".

The day came when "Pizza Dog" finally got his own special story with Hawkeye issue 11 and the creative team did not disappoint! If you expected a lighthearted tale though, you are wrong as Fraction and Aja add a mix of dark humor and dramatic tones to this particular story. Longtime readers already know the amazing work Aja has poured into this series. His use of own intricate panels to capture Fraction's story has been exceptional and with this particular issue, focusing on "Pizza Dog",

Aja brilliantly delivers some wonderful visuals. Seen through "Pizza Dog's" perspective, the entire tale and all the panels are filled with symbols and designs to capture that.  The intense detail provided by Aja's work truly requires a second look before turning the page!

 Fraction's story is remarkable told although the ending isn't quite clear. I was expecting a confrontation with Clint Barton and the "bros" again with a particular discovery by "Pizza Dog" at the end but Fraction leaves the story open for now. Readers might get too caught up with the focus on "Pizza Dog" and Fraction throws in some new plot changes involving our dynamic duo of archers! Besides the riveting visuals, Matt Hollingsworth deserves praise for use of colors here, often leaving the scenes and panels to one color. This certainly defines the mood of each panel and most importantly, factors in the natural way with how dogs see or perceive color. Brilliant!

Final Verdict: A

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