June 28, 2013

Review: Mind Mgmt Issue 12

The adventure in Shangri-La reaches it's devastating conclusion! Tragedy strikes both sides as more revelations come up to the surface regarding Meru and Henry's past!

Writer Matt Kindt brings the second story arc to a sense-shattering ending with a battle at Mind Mgmt's Shangri-La base. The immortals and those who've accompanied Meru this far suffer casualties for both teams. Kindt doesn't hold back here, with swift violence mixed in with the high tension of the situation. Meru's role is further established as Kindt reveals a lot more about Henry and Meru and their past encounters. The story is far from over for Meru of course, as the conclusion showcases what's to come for all. Kindt's riveting panels portraying Meru, past, present and future, stand out the most for me. Kind't story pushes out older character as a new storyline awaits readers with the same ominous and mysterious ties to the past.

While I did enjoy all the revelations, I am hopeful for more mysterious secrets waiting to be shown in the next storyline. Kudos to Kindt for such an intense ending and the changes with the characters. I was expecting far more tragedy and loss here but remain satisfied with this storyline and the conclusion. After all the discovery by Meru, I can certainly understand her immediate actions with all the knowledge she has gained. The adventure continues and "hope to God, she doesn't pick a side".

Final Verdict: A

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