June 30, 2013

Review: Jupiter's Legacy Issue 2

Writer Mark Millar continues the riveting look at the children of the superhero Utopian once more with some near tragic results.  Some secrets will finally be brought to light though some may not be pleased with the news!

Issue 2 of Millar’s superhero drama doesn’t disappoint, as the writer and artist Frank Quitely superbly deliver far more drama, then we’d expected.  Drama is certainly the aspect of this delightful miniseries, as the focus once again belongs to Chloe and Brandon, children of the mightiest hero of them all.  Millar presents even more darker paths and themes that The Utopian’s children have succumbed to as we reader are presented with a stunning revelation with regards to Chloe.  Brandon doesn’t fare any better as Millar portrays him with the same reckless abandon, Chloe has when it comes to life and their family reputation.

Millar isn’t quite done with all the drama, strife and secrets yet, as a subplot with Brandon and his uncle begins to develop. This detail will certainly sets the tone for the series going forward! Utopian’s anger and resentment towards his children has certainly leading them to a boiling point and possible confrontation? We shall see! Superb art by Quitely capturing the emotions and action is certainly not to be missed! Millar presents the superhero drama of our time!

Final Verdict: A

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