July 15, 2013

Review: Justice League Issue 22

Finally, the long-waited battle between the Justice League and Justice League of America is at hand. Who survives this initial bout?

Nearly two years after the dawn of the New 52 universe, DC Comics' summer event "Trinity War" has arrived in stores with a bang. Writer and New 52 architect Geoff Johns delivers a profoundly engaging tale featuring an assortment of characters leading up to this moment. From the chilling words of the Martian Manhunter to Superman and Wonder Woman's confrontation with Pandora, Johns connects all the dots and brings the various running storylines together to the epic showdown in Kahndaq.  The beauty of how Johns' writing brings this story to it's defining moment is the quick judgment on the part of both teams to engage each other without much time to talk things through.  New readers may get confused as Johns adds several layers of mysteries on all fronts of the story to ensure the battle takes place. Just when you think you know the story Johns throws in another element with each turn of the page, ending the issue with a surprise revelations. The pacing and dialogue is brilliantly done though especially in the scenes with Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and their respective teams finally confronting each other.

Artist Ivan Reis turns in another month of excellent work here in Justice League 22. What strikes me most about his work is how he wonderfully captures the characters' facial expressions. From the gleaming smile of Shazam to the fearful and terrified of Madame Xanadu, you don't anyone else but Reis depicting this special event! Reis amazingly conveys Johns' script with breathtaking panels and spreads.

Final Verdict: A

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