September 20, 2013

Review: Wonder Woman/Cheetah 23.1

It's the origin of Wonder Woman's longtime villain The Cheetah! Her dark childhood is revealed!

Veteran writer John Ostrander pens Barbara Minerva's aka The Cheetah origin story for Villains Month and doesn't spare the somewhat graphic portions of it. Of course as a series, Wonder Woman has been one of the more intense in terms of violence within the New 52 family of books. Issue 23.1 is no exception with artist Victor Ibanez providing outstanding visuals in relating Minerva to her animal counterpart. Don't misunderstand the blood drenched cover artwork, this book is as gory as it gets for Villains Month!

Barbara Minerva and Wonder Woman

Ostrander uses a handful of flashback scenes for Minerva's shocking childhood, revealing a truly haunting and cold path to adolescence for her. It's through these scenes that Ostrander that ultimately connects the readers with the present day actions of The Cheetah and her plan to cut out loose ends of the past. Nice cameo by Mark Shaw aka "Manhunter", who once starred in his own series and later as a member of the Suicide Squad. Both written by Ostrander.  Despite the shock and gore depicted, Ostrander delivers a superb origin story, a darker than most of the Villains Month origins so far. Certain scenes may cause some confusion for newer readers not too entrenched with New 52 lore yet.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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