September 19, 2013

Review: Detective Comics/Harley Quinn 23.2

It's the twisted origin of Harley Quinn as writer Matt Kindt takes us down memory lane with this demented villain!

It shouldn't be a surprise that writer Matt Kindt, was tapped to write Harleen Quinzel's background story considering, he will be the new Suicide Squad scribe. Kindt reveals the Suicide Squad element later on in the story as if to remind readers and maybe Harleen too, that life goes on beyond the confines of Gotham and the shadow of former mentor. Issue 23.2 is unnecessarily filled with details in depicting how Quinzel came to wear that New 52 costume she dons now. I would've preferred Kindt showcasing more of Quinzel's past activities rather than focus on something so trivial. This is a point that should have taken no less than two pages or even panels to convey.

Harley Quinn reflects on life

Kindt reveals that Quinzel is more than capable committing acts of violence  beyond the shadow of 'Mister J' aka The Joker as the main premise of this story. For newer readers not aware of Quinzel's past and criminal abilities, let Kindt's story remind you of why she's been part of the Gotham City Sirens and Suicide Squad teams. Neil Googe's artwork is on point with the character herself. Kindt's story takes us down memory lane and to the future as Quinzel's talents will be of some use for The Suicide Squad!

Final Verdict: 7/10

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