October 10, 2013

Review: Rocket Girl Issue 1

Officer DaYoung Johansson travels back to our past to save her future. If only she could stay out of trouble first!

Amy Reeder's artwork in this debut issue is quite spectacular with page after page of bursting energy. It almost fits the personality of the series protagonist, DaYoung Johansson. I enjoyed the "anime" style of Reeder's work, manifesting in the many character expressions found throughout the issue. You'd swear you were watching a Miyazaki movie or adaptation! It's a shame we only a few two-page spreads of Reeder's frenetic style but I certainly hope to see more as the series progresses. The thick panels utilized by Reeder blends well with the transitions and story detailing Johannson's bungled and humorous trip to our time.

Office Johannsen

The vibrant lettering and colors add that extra "oomph" to this issue as well, capturing the frenzy of Times Square. Montclare and Reeder do a great job in showcasing Johansson's personality despite the thin plot.  Hopefully issue 2 will reveal more of the actions that made Johansson travel back to the past, namely details on Quintum Mechanics.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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