November 24, 2013

Review: The Wake Issue 5

The final fate of Lee Archer and crew is revealed! Or is it? The mysteries down below continue!

Halfway through the Scott Snyder and Sean Gordon Murphy sci-fi epic tale, the miniseries still continues it's brisk pace of delivering twists and turns with each turn of the page.  It's been nothing but terror and turmoil for Lee Archer and crew so far. While issue 5 initially offers a glimmer of hope and salvation for the team, Snyder and Murphy turns things for the worst once again.  The issue is littered with subtle yet foreshadowing flashback scenes throughout Archer's past, revealing that she might have been warned about this phenomenon years ago. Combining action and tension throughout the story, Snyder takes the apparent final moments of the current story and into something more wondrous in the issues ahead. Thus, we are left to ponder the fates of Archer and crew in the next chapter. The abrupt change  is slightly unnerving for those expecting a simple cut and dry science-fiction story. Instead, Snyder prolongs it literally by advancing the story...decades.

Lee Archer...flashback!

Murphy's art dominates this issue as well despite the copious amount of dialogue and narrative thrown in by Snyder. The hazy style utilized by Murphy captures the tension particularly well in Snyder's script. The array of unique panels is also a nice touch by Murphy giving readers eye candy although with a  limited number of full-page spreads. The use of colors contrasting against a black background is excellent in capturing terrifying moment, delivering an almost claustrophobic feel through each page. The emotions on the characters especially with Archer were wonderfully done by Murphy in conveying the utter gravity of the situation.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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