July 23, 2015

Marvel Digital Entertainment Streaming Service

Marvel Comics, a division of the Disney Corporation, has it's own digital comic-book service that allows readers to enjoy an unlimited amount of comics for a monthly or annual fee. What if they rolled out a similar service for Marvel's vast entertainment offerings such as TV shows, cartoons and yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Known as Marvel Unlimited, for a $9.99 a month, users have access to over 15,000 digital comics in the Marvel catalog. There's also a premium option that includes several exclusive goodies such as toys and special edition comics.

I would love to see Marvel or it's corparate parent Disney, launch a similar service that allows users unlimited access to it's huge offering of superhero-based movies, TV shows and cartoons, similar to Netflix's streaming service. Of course, original programming should be a priority too. I understand there will be potential licensing and distribution issues with movies like the X-Men franchise or even the Spider-Man franchise. Hopefully this can be resolved with financial benefits on both sides.

We've seen HBO and Showtime join the ever-changing field of the streaming entertainment landscape. Netflix and Amazon continue to rack up Emmy nominations for it's original shows. I'm not pleased that I should be restricted to my cable company, just to watch Marvel's cartoons and movies on cable restricted channels. It's time for Marvel to simplify the viewing experience for it's fans and keep it all in one place. The Disney Movies Anywhere app is a great start and a good foundation for Marvel to expand upon.

It's time for Marvel to make that transition with it's own digital streaming entertainment service, utilizing it's vast library of content.

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