August 25, 2015

CW SEED: Vixen Episode 1

The new "Vixen" animated series premiered on the CW SEED platforms online and via it's own app. Did it live up to the hype?

Like it's live-action counterparts "Arrow" and "The Flash", "Vixen" lives to the hype with an action-packed opening sequence but disappoints in the weekly format it is presented in. Four minutes is too short for any animated individual episode and though the debut is filled with action, it leaves viewers like me, unsatisfied with it's abrupt ending.  Guest stars like The Flash and Arrow do make their appearances as trailers and previews have shown.

Mari McCabe

Arrow and The Flash!

The animation is good but the production team could do more effort in differentiating the characters' facial features. It's difficult to judge each brief episode of "Vixen" because there simply isn't enough time to soak in and appreciate the plot at all. Strong on presentation and style but "Vixen" ultimately isn't enjoyable to watch due to it's short running time. Furthermore, due to the use of mature language, parental guidance is suggested.

We can surmise that the petite format of these episodes allow it to stream easier on mobile devices.

Final Rating: B+

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