July 23, 2011

Comic Book Summer Reading List

Escape from the heat and enjoy our summer reading list!

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With Comic Con underway, we hope you'll enjoy some comic-book picks to enjoy your summer days with. Read on!

Jose's Picks:

Red Robin

Red Robin
Red Robin
After the "death" of Batman at the hands of Darkseid, Tim Drake assumes the role of Red Robin and cuts his ties with the Bat family. Believing his mentor to be alive, he begins a worldwide search for evidence to support his claims. Upon the return of Bruce Wayne, Tim returns to Gotham City permanently and patrols the city along with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne.

Batman & Robin
With Bruce Wayne traveling the globe, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are the protectors of Gotham City. The new dynamic duo have a unique but likable chemistry, with Grayson being a much lighter, funner, compassionate Batman than we're used to and young Damian being a darker Robin than his predecessors.

The Lil' Depressed Boy
Scott Pilgrim meets Charlie Brown! Follow the adventures of the Lil' Depressed Boy as he searches for love and happiness.

Adobe Illustrator CS5

The Human Torch is dead. The Fantastic Four is no more. To better serve the future of humanity, Reed Richards forms the Future Foundation, gathering the young intelligent minds of the world to help solve the world's problems. Among the group's core members is Spiderman.

Michael's Picks:

American Vampire
American Vampire
This is under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. Vampires take on new roles as the monthly comic focuses on characters as diverse as Skinner Sweet a cowboy during the Wild West and Pearl, a young aspiring actress during Jazz Age. It brings new perspectives to the vampire genre. Rather than shine the light on stereotypical gothic characters, the title says it all. The stories are written by Stephen King


House of M
House of M
A limited series delving into Marvel's mutants and alternate realities. The children of Magneto, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver play significant roles in this crossover series, that brought in titles such as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and The Hulk, into the fray. The miniseries left huge ramifications for the Marvel Universe and it's mutant community. 

Anna's Picks:

Batman Detective Comics 
Out of the 3 Batman stories that we're running (Batman and Robin, Batman Inc) it had the most interesting story line. And i loved Dick Grayson as batman he did a really good job executing the batman deeds.

Amazing Spiderman
The story line was decent in some issues. However, i can't get past how kid-like the artwork looks like. It really turns me off that Peter Parker looks like he's 16 all over again.

I actually don't mind the story in FF. I think the way they chose Spiderman to be the new member really made sense. I loved the way they transitioned into it.

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