July 24, 2011

AT&T Wireless Reception

Living in a Southern California city dominated by AT&T service, you'd think I have great reception for my cell phone. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case at the beginning.  This isn't another rant against them and things have actually gotten better lately.

Apple iTunesI don't know when the change occurred specifically but for the better part of this year, wireless reception in my own home has improved. Looking at the picture above, you can see I have three bars, which indicates reception level, when I used to have two.  Maybe AT&T has taken major steps to improve cell phone service quality by installing more antennas, ever since the company lost exclusivity for their iPhone product over to Verizon. This is perhaps a step to keep customers like me from jumping ship to another carrier.

While I don't have the same number of bars throughout the house, this small step is an improvement. In fact, I had considered ordering the 3G MicroCell Booster device, which is supposed to increase signal strength but balked at the price in the end. Furthermore why should I even pay for this device, in the first place. Isn't that AT&T's ultimately responsibility for improving the very same service I should already be entitled to and paying for?

So for now, I'm actually quite happy with their wireless service in my own house. I wish it was like that in other places.

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