July 20, 2011

Street Fighter IV for iPhone Review

Street Fighter IV for the iPhone doesn't bring any exciting changes with this mobile version. Just like the rest of the six similar apps available, you'll still enjoy it though.

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Again, the Street Fighter game doesn't revolution the mobile fighting gaming genre and remains a simplistic yet addictive game nonetheless.  The same characters (14 total) with a few bonus ones are back once again. You can change outfits and fight in various lush locales just like the original. Multiplayer action is included as well. For a mobile game, the graphics are decent and sounds are quite alright. You can't expect too much audio goodness from the small iPhone 4 speaker.

Street Fighter IV features several fighting modes (solo, tournament, etc.) and even includes a digital comic. The comic dialogue is forgettable though. As far as gameplay, the onscreen controls are easy to use and you'll master it soon enough, as you delve even further into the rounds with each new opponent. We found the first couple of attempts of playing fairly easy too. The animation and art is beautiful, perhaps due to the Retina Display.  Overall, Street Fighter IV makes another great addition to your mobile gaming experience and collection. The beauty lies in it's simplicity. 

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