July 28, 2011

Transformers Dark of The Moon: Sideswipe Toys R Us Exclusive

Collectors of Hasbro's Transformers: Dark of The Moon toys should not miss out on this Toys R Us exclusive of Sideswipe.

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Part of the Scan Series line of Transformers Dark of the Moon collection, this version of Sideswipe features a translucent rear in vehicle mode. It's the same Corvette Stingray disguise, but this is a completely different toy entirely from the other MechTech version of Sideswipe. In addition to the limbs and extremities like the MechTech counterpart, Scan Series Swideswipe features two movable blades on both arms. Slice and dice!

Don't lose the instructions! Scan Series Sideswipe is available exclusively at Toys R Us stores nationwide.

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