October 27, 2011

New 52: The Flash Issue No. 2 Review

The mystery of the organization Mob Rule continues as we get an understanding of what happened to the Flash's friend Manuel Lago. Also, Barry Allen discovers what he can do when his mind taps into the speed force.

The Flash issue no. 2 continues the current storyline from the debut issue where he discovers clones of his friend Manuel Lago. He ends up battling a majority of the clones but the fight ends quickly as the clones retreat, leaving Flash to rescue Iris West, who they captured earlier. The conversation between Iris and Barry is short as the Flash has another appointment to catch.

Flash fights the clones!
Rescuing Iris West...just like old times!
 Flash meets up with Dr. Elias in his laboratory. Elias tests The Flash's speed and discovers that despite the physical aspect of his speed powers, his mental abilities are at a constant speed and doesn't actually speed up as well. Elias suggests to Barry to train his mind to use the speed force as well. After contemplating this, Barry meets up with Iris West and tests out Elias' advice, discovering new possibilities with his physical and mental capabilities. Meanwhile, some strange activities have been happening all around Central City, including a power outage at a maximum security prison!

Discovering the mental aspect of his powers...
Overall, The Flash issue no. 2 was not overtly exciting until the last few pages. No spoilers here, so you're welcome to pick up your own copy. I'm anxious now to find out more about Mob Rule and the whole Manuel Lago storyline as well, since this issue delves deeper into that aspect. It's a slow buildup for the writing team as they have yet to flesh out the characters. Perhaps this will occur in the following issues.

The Good: Great artwork and a great buildup towards next issue's mysterious events

The Bad: It's slow but steady look at the new Flash and his cast

Final Verdict: B+

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