March 22, 2012

iCloud Backup

One striking component of Apple’s iCloud feature, is the free 5 GB of online storage it provides it’s iOS device users. With the 5 GB allotted space, users can simply choose to sync and backup their device data and settings to the iCloud service, or the usual method, to their primary iTunes accounts on their computers. Now you would think 5 GB is pretty ample space but in reality, it’s actually not the case. Depending on the number of your photos in your Camera Roll, 5 GB can quickly be eaten up by those pictures. 

Furthermore, you probably will want to back up device settings, individual app settings and even documents as well. Now depending on your apps and how much data they are storing, one will most likely exceed the free allotted space with these additional files to backup. You can either purchase more storage capacity or just simply customize your iCloud backup settings.

 Users can selectively choose which apps and files to backup

Locating your iCloud settings, head to the Storage and Backup section. Once there, select Manage Storage and carefully choose which apps you want to continually back up to iCloud. In some instances, you will find that apps will exceed 1 GB in the amount of settings files and data that they store. Again, select which apps you want to backup to Apple’s service by choosing “off” or “on”. As a reminder, your Photostream syncs with your iPhoto library as well. Furthermore, you can transfer your Photostream favorites into your iPhoto libraries, create the respective album, and erase them manually from your iOS device. This can clear up more space to store in iCloud.

Of course, you can still choose to sync with whatever computer your iTunes account and iTunes media, resides on. The iCloud service is simply a handy way to avoid doing that process anymore. As such, backing up wirelessly can be strenuous on the network connection. You can always backup your device during the evening hours.

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